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This is the perfect guide if you want to know about Spotify Podz Mlsilberlingtechcrunch. At Spotify, we are investing in building and scaling the world’s best (and most personalized) podcast discovery experience—and we’ve acquired Podz, a small, talented team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers, to help make that experience even better.

Podcasts are all the rage, and then podcast discovery is a challenge. So last year, Spotify announced its acquisition of Podz, a startup trying to solve the problem of podcast discovery.

Explain About Spotify Podz

Explain About Spotify Podz

Spotify started its journey in 2006, the dawn of Spotify, and it has been serving its customers one source of podcasts, videos, and music ever since. Founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify is a Swedish music and audio streaming service provider. Spotify is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and offers a massive selection of over 70 million songs from various record labels and media companies.

As the company provides its users with copyrighted digital podcasts and music content, it helps them enjoy the basic features and access restricted content marked as freemium for the ads it contains. However, Spotify offers users affordable subscription plans that allow them access to its treasure trove without adding any content.

How Spotify Acquires Podz a Podcast Discovery Platform

How Spotify Acquires Podz a Podcast Discovery Platform

As per the information on website Spotify acquired podcast discovery platform Podz for about $49.4 million last summer, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, to accelerate the streamer’s massive podcast investments. Now Spotify is testing a feature that uses the startup’s technology to help users find new podcasts they might like, the company confirmed.

Podz initially tried to solve the podcast detection problem with what it called the “first audio newsfeed.” Namely, it presented users with 60-second audio clips from various programs that they would scroll through in a vertical feed, similar to the format popularized by social apps like TikTok.

Spotify technology was interesting because it relied on something other than podcasters to produce the clips for their feed. Instead, a machine learning model trained on over 100,000 hours of audio was used to help automatically select clips to display.

Spotify Snaps up Podcast Measurement and Analytics Firms

Spotify Snaps up Podcast Measurement and Analytics Firms

When Spotify announced its acquisition of not one but two major podcast analytics companies earlier this year, it expanded its advertising business to include a more comprehensive internal campaign measurement service. Unfortunately, the podcast industry, in general, can lose what Spotify has gained.

Since Spotify bought Podsights and Chartable, others in the industry have expressed concerns that the move would severely limit available third-party measurement capabilities.

Spotify is a significant player in podcasting, but advertisers and publishers may be reluctant to accept campaign metrics from a streaming service that owns podcasts, sells ads, and owns the measurement platforms used to report the metrics.

“In the podcast space, and every media channel, there’s always concern about the idea that publishers shouldn’t grade their job or [that] there should be third-party verification to help advertisers succeed. Trust the Space.”, Cameron. Hendrix, co-founder of podcast media scheduling platform Magellan AI, to Marketing Brew

Podcast technology providers, including Magellan, Podtrac, and Claritas. See the loss of these previously third-party solutions to Spotify’s own business. As an opportunity to step up and review Spotify’s work as advertisers become increasingly interested in podcasts.

Spotify’s Broader Plan to Invest in Podcasts and Podcast Technology

Spotify's Broader Plan to Invest in Podcasts and Podcast Technology

Spotify has machine learning experts focused on improving audio recognition for almost a decade. But there’s still work to be done. We believe Podz’s technology will complement and accelerate Spotify’s focused efforts to drive discovery. Bring listeners the exact content at the right time, and rush category growth worldwide.

Using cutting-edge machine learning technology. Podz generates high-quality clips that allow users to preview key moments in podcast episodes. And encourage them to discover and listen to new podcasts. This capability joined with Spotify’s 2.6 million podcasts on the platform. Learnings from our effort in music discovery. And current savings in podcast reference, will take the podcast to find the next level and make it easier for listeners to find the content they want to hear. And for creators to get discovered and build a following.

Podz’s solution was to use machine learning technology, but other startups have followed other ideas. For example, Moonbeam, a startup by Kayak co-founder Paul English. Relies on human editorial curation combined with machine learning techniques for its TikTok-inspired app. The vertical feed format has also been used in podcast-related apps, such as B. Racket, which offers 99-second audio clips more like audio stories than shows, and with Facebook’s Soundbites.

Spotify puts its Podz Acquisition

Spotify puts its Podz Acquisition

As per the information from the website At the time, Spotify promoted the acquisition as a way to build and scale a better, more personalized podcast discovery experience within its app. This test gives us a first impression of what such a feature could look like.

At Spotify, we plan to add Podz technology into the Spotify experience. And listeners must start seeing elements of that work earlier than the end of the year.

Product designer and technology pioneer Chris Messina tweeted about the test and posted a video of the feature. First spotted by the Twitter account @SleepwellCap. Here’s the new experience in action.

Spotify Podz Mlsilberlingtechcrunch

Spotify Podz Mlsilberlingtechcrunch

Spotify Podz Mlsilberlingtechcrunch, Podz was one of several startups that found new ways to help people find more podcasts they might like. A discovery challenge that has been difficult to overcome as many podcasts are longer than 30 minutes. Making it difficult to get a good idea of a program. Content or personalities of the hosts quickly and easily.


Spotify Podz created the “first audio newsfeed”. Where users can scroll through a vertical feed and listen to 60-second clips from various shows. Podcasters didn’t have to create their clips for this feed. Because Podz used a machine learning tool to select clips for display automatically.