How Did Everleigh Dad Die (1)


Explore the untold story behind a tragedy that changed the lives of those around Everleigh and discover how did Everleigh dad die.

Everleigh Rose’s father, nine-year-old TikTok feeling Tommy Smith, has died at the age of 29. Everleigh’s mother, Savannah Labrant, 29, shared the sad news on Thursday September 15 on her Instagram. She also asked her followers to “pray” for her 9-year-old daughter after her irresistible loss.

The heartbreaking story of Everleigh’s dad’s loss is filled with heartache and pain. While details of the tragedy are sparse, Everleigh and those closest to her have been deeply affected by the sudden and untimely Death. Learn more about the events and how those around Everleigh have dealt with this tragedy.

Who is Everleigh Labrant?

Who is Everleigh Labrant_

Everleigh Labrant is a nine-year-old TikTok star. She is famous for her TikTok videos. Her mother, Savannah Labrant, is a YouTube star. Her father is Tommy Smith. Everleigh is quite famous for her videos on TikTok and YouTube. She is also famous on Instagram, with 5 million followers. Everleigh shares almost everything about her daily life. She now lives with her mother, stepfather, and three brothers.

Who was Tommy Smith?

Who was Tommy Smith_

According to the information on the website Savannah Labrant and Smith dated from 2012 to 2016, giving birth to Everleigh in December 2012. He then married YouTube star Cole Labrant in July 2017, and the couple had three children together: Posie, 3, Zealand, 2, and Sunday, three months.

The couple is known for sharing their daily family life with 29.3 million followers on TikTok and 13.1 million subscribers on YouTube. Tommy’s cause of Death was not released. But the obituary for him claims it happened “unexpectedly.”

Tommy got his wings unexpectedly. He was a father, son, brother, grandson, family and friend to all. His love for living life to the fullest and free spirit will be sorely missed. Tommy’s friend Courtney Santaella also paid a heartbreaking tribute, noting that he “taught her so much.”

So why did Savannah break up with Tommy?

So why did Savannah break up with Tommy_

Tommy moved again. He seemed excited and even talked about getting married. Furthermore, it was short-lived, as six months into her pregnancy, Savannah discovered that he had been cheating on her, too. She ended the relationship, but the two continued for quite some time to please their newborn daughter.

What was Tommy Smith’s cause of Death?

What was Tommy Smith's cause of Death_

Tommy lived in Orange County, California, before his Death. The father of a child is said to have been in California at the time of his Death. In September 2022, Tommy’s friend Courtney Santaella wrote a touching post about the musician, confirming that he passed away on Friday, September 9, 2022.

9/9/22, you were led to Jesus unexpectedly,” she said. She wrote in a long and candid post. “My heart is breaking into a thousand pieces as I write this. I feel numb and can’t find any words other than to wish this was a horrible nightmare. I do know that without you, she would not be the woman I am today.

Although Courtney has stated her despair over the loss of Tommy, she has yet to reveal Tommy’s cause of Death. However, the news of his death circulated on TikTok. Tiktoker @daisyjanewood informed his followers about a source who claimed that he died from a drug-related seizure.

According to her, Tommy and one of his Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) friends unknowingly took fentanyl, which led to seizures and cardiac arrest. Other sources have also claimed that fentanyl killed Tommy. However, the official autopsy report on him is unavailable per the reference from the website

Introduction to the Tragedy

Introduction to the Tragedy

On the morning of February 12, 2020, Everleigh and her family experienced a disaster beyond what anyone could have fantasy. That day, Everleigh’s father without warning passed away, leaving many unrequited questions for those closest to him.

The cause of Death remains unknown, and the family has yet to process the sudden loss fully. With no one understanding why this happened, those connected to Everleigh and her family have reeled from the untimely tragedy.

The Context of the Times in which this Happened

The Context of the Times in which this Happened

February 12, 2020, marked a time in our nation’s history that was interesting for all. The global pandemic due to COVID-19 has brought much insecurity and fear into all our lives, taking a mental, emotional, and physical toll on all individuals. With so many people suffering hardships of job loss, unpaid bills, disease and more—the story of Everleigh’s dad is a sad reminder of the real fights in this world.

The Impact Everleigh’s Dad’s Loss had on Her

The Impact Everleigh's Dad’s Loss had on Her

When Everleigh’s dad passed away, it had a devastating impact on her life. She could no longer have a meaningful connection with her dad, and all the special moments they shared were suddenly taken from her. Along with being devastated by her dad’s sudden and tragic loss, Everleigh also had to face questions about how she would cope without him and anxiety about the future.

How Everleigh’s Father Was Remembered

How Everleigh's Father Was Remembered

After the Death of Everleigh’s father, family and friends prepared a in memory service to pay tribute to his life. At the service, those who identified him shared stories and anecdotes about how much he meant to them. Despite their grief, they were thankful for their time with him, and many of them spoke tenderly of Everleigh’s dad and all he did for her. The gathering was a reminder that life is short, but love always lives on.

What We Can Learn from This Tragedy and How It Affected Those Around Everleigh

What We Can Learn from This Tragedy and How It Affected Those Around Everleigh

This tragedy highlights the power of love among family, friends and those around us. It is a notice that life is fragile and can change instantly. It also shows us that even after tragedy, the support system for Everleigh will always be there. The Death of Everleigh’s father will forever have a significant impact on her life, but it can be comforting to know that he was loved by many. His memory lives on through those who knew him well.


Everleigh Labrant’s biological father, Tommy Smith, died on September 9. Although Savannah and Tommy are not dating, they have been open and understanding about co-parenting Everleigh. They both remained good friends. Savannah Labrant shared a Tommy Smith post with her daughter Everleigh and captioned it.