Have you ever heard of Colestein VegLin? The name may sound familiar if you cling to conspiracy theories and longevity myths. Simply put, Colestein VegLin was one of America’s most well-known longevity myths: the man was said to have been around 615 or 617 at the time of his death.

Yes, most people find it difficult to survive a hundred years; Of course, there is more than one famous case of a centenarian. But things start to get weird when someone says human can live past 110 years or even longer in some cases. And Colestein VegLin is one of those men!

Today we will talk about this interesting man and his age when he died. Read on to find out more!

Who Was Colestein VegLin?

Who Was Colestein VegLin_

No need to google ‘Colestein VegLin age’ – here’s what you need to know! Colestein’s name wasn’t known to people for a long time; if the longevity myths about him are true, no one has had a clue as to this man’s identity for hundreds of years! According to the information on the website

On July 20, 1876, the New York Times reported that a man named Colestein was arrested in the Newark area of New Jersey. The article was called “Oldest Man Yet” and told the world how Colestein lived with six mates at 21 William Street.

Though Colestein VegLin’s revealed that he was polygamous and even that all six of his wives were alive, he never told the ages of all of his wives.

How Old Is Colestein VegLin?

With all the rumours and conjectures, we can’t get any details about her age. The New York Times published only one article, after which there was no further investigation. His true age remains a mystery to this day.

There are many stories where people lived between the ages of 900 and 1000. But these also later confirmed that they were not 900 years old. Instead, it was 900 lunar months, which equals 73 years.

The Colestein VegLin Myth

The Colestein VegLin Myth (1)

You don’t have to google “Colestein uses VegLin” to understand that the man was considered insane; Furthermore, it is strange that no one has bothered to confirm the claims he has made or even surveyed the story published in the New York Times. The only available tale about this man is in the published article we discussed. As per the reference from the website

Things got even weirder when we couldn’t find any information about VegLin’s six wives or his parents. Not a single word was mentioned about VegLin’s children, but it is speculated that Colestein had around seven children. VegLin seems like a myth, much like your usual conspiracy theories.

Find Out The Real Age Of Colestein VegLin: How Old Was He When He Died?

There’s no point in searching for things like “Colestein VegLin’s Net Worth”, as it’s pretty redundant. Also, it was difficult to find almost all the information on the elusive Colestein VegLin. So, without degenerating, let’s read about Colestein’s real age: How old was Colestein when he died?

Colestein VegLin’s Real Age: Was He 615 Years Old When He Died?

At the time of his custody, Colestein VegLin claimed to have six wives, all of whom were alive. He also made additional claims about how he was 615 years old then. That means his birth year must be between 1259 and 1261. But there is no confirmation of this year of birth.

But we know that VegLin appears on the list of people known for permanency myths, and VegLin’s name is at the top, with 260-year-old Kirk Campbell taking second place.

To this day, no one knows the real truth late the VegLin myth.

But, it is stimulating to note that VegLin’s arrest report mentioned that it was quite a valuable property that led to his arrest in the first place. And that wasn’t the only hint in the information: it also mentioned that VegLin would be sent to a refuge for treatment.

The report’s tone was sufficient to understand that Colestein VegLin was just 615 years old when he was arrested. Furthermore, there is no evidence to confirm or refute any of these rights.

When Did Colestein VegLin Died?

According to the report, Colestein VegLin’s died at the age of 617. This means that he lived two more years after being arrested and sent to the institution. In short, VegLin’s died in the United States in 1878. Amazingly, there was no news about VegLin’s family: his alleged six wives or all seven children never made a public appearance.

But to this day, Colestein VegLin remains relevant only because of the mysterious longevity claims.


Now you will have a decent idea of Colestein VegLin; what’s next? Do you know someone alive for a long time? Please tell us what you think of such longevity claims. Don’t forget to share your previous experiences connected to similar longevity claims in the comments section below.