In this post, you will get information about the Rajkotupdates.News:LVM3 M2/OneWeb India-1 Mission, This was the fifth flight of lvm3. This was an extraordinary trade mission for a foreign client via NSIL. A total of 36 OneWeb Gen-1 satellites, weighing approximately 150 kg for a total weight of roughly 5,796 kilograms, were placed in a circular low earth orbit of around 601 km at an inclination of 87.4 degrees.

On its second operational flight, the LVM3 launch vehicle placed 36 OneWeb satellites in their intended orbits with a launch at 00:07. On October 23, 2022, from the second launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, according to the website source

What is LVM3 M2/OneWeb India-1 – Mission?

What is LVM3 M2_OneWeb India-1 – Mission_

LVM3 M2 / OneWeb India-1 Mission. The LVM3 M2 mission is a committed commercial mission for a foreign customer OneWeb via NSIL. It is the first multi-satellite mission with 36 OneWeb satellites for the Leo as the heaviest payload mass of 5,796 kg

Excellent features of the mission

  • The first commercial mission of LVM3
  • First multi-satellite assignment with 36 OneWeb satellites on board
  • First start of LVM3 to Leo
  • First Indian rocket with six tons of payload
  • First NSIL mission with LVM3
  • First OneWeb mission with NSIL/DOS

Technical Highlight

  • Multiple Satellite Separation Events Management
  • Longer duration of the nominal mission
  • Set a secure separation distance through the reorientation of level C25 and the addition of speed
  • Make the data available for the duration of the whole mission safe
  • Realization of the new payload adapter and the interface ring for the satellite dispenser

Overview of OneWeb Constellation

  • OneWeb Constellation works in orbit polar from Leo
  • The satellites are organized in 12 circles (orbital levels), with 49 satellites at every level.
  • The orbital levels tend to lie close to the polar (87.9 degrees).
  • Orbital aircraft is 1200 km on earth
  • Each satellite ends a complete trip around the earth every 109 minutes.
  • The earth turns under the satellites so that they always fly over new places on site.
  • In full service, each aircraft has 49 satellites = 588 satellites.

OneWeb Launches 36 Satellites from India

OneWeb, a low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite internet company, launched 36 satellites from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India, on Saturday, March 11, 2023. Arianespace conducted the launch on an Ariane 5 rocket.

The satellites launched on Saturday are part of OneWeb’s constellation of 648 LEO satellites. The constellation is designed to provide high-speed, low-latency internet access to underserved areas worldwide.

OneWeb has already launched over 420 satellites into orbit. The company plans to launch the remaining 228 satellites by the end of 2023.

The launch from India is a significant milestone for OneWeb. It is the 1st time the company has launched satellites from a launch site outside of Europe. The launch also marks the 1st time that Arianespace has launched a OneWeb mission.

OneWeb’s CEO, Neil Masterson, said that the launch from India was a “major milestone” for the company. The launch “demonstrates our commitment to providing high-speed, low-latency internet access to underserved and unserved areas worldwide.”

Launching OneWeb’s constellation is expected to influence the global internet market significantly. The company’s LEO satellites will provide a new option for internet service providers, which could help reduce internet access costs in many parts of the world.

OneWeb is not the only company that is developing a LEO satellite constellation. Other companies like SpaceX and Amazon are also working on similar projects. Launching these constellations is expected to lead to a new era of competition in the global internet market.

OneWeb India-1 – Mission

OneWeb India-1 – Mission

The (ISRO) Indian Space Research Organization successfully launched 36 ONEWEB satellites at 12:07 a.m. Mission or LVM3 (Mark III launch vehicle) M2 mission. This marks the first commercial mission of LVM3, the heavy launch vehicle in India, also known as the Geosíncrono Mark III Satellite Vehicle (GSLV Mark III). The OneWeb satellites, intended for global connectivity needs, were launched from the second launch platform, Sábwan Space Center, Sriharikota, and Andhra Pradesh.

Isro completed the first commercial mission dedicated to the communications company based in the United Kingdom OneWeb, with New Space India Limited (NSIL), Isro’s commercial arm.

The India-1 ONWEB Mission marks the LVM3 entrance to the world market for commercial launch services.

The India-1 OneWeb mission carried a 5,796 kilograms payload, the heaviest for any Isro mission.

List of firsts Commercial Mission by LVM3 M2

  • LVM3 M2 is the 1st commercial mission of India’s weightiest launch vehicle.
  • It is also the 1st multi-satellite mission with 36-OneWeb satellites on board.
  • LVM3 is the 1st Indian rocket to transmit a six-tone payload.
  • The mission marks the 1st launch of LVM3 to the low-Earth path.
  • OneWeb India-1’s first mission is also the first NSIL mission with LVM3.
  • It is the first OneWeb mission with NSIL and the Department of Space (DoS).

Know More about OneWeb India-1 mission

The 36 OneWeb satellites have placed themselves in an orbit of the Low Earth, at 1,200 kilometers on the earth, says Isro on his website. LVM3 has three phases and a height of 43.5 meters. The launch vehicle is a substance for the Indian space program since it will guarantee the launch of large applicable loads in low land orbit.

The mission marked the 14th launch of OneWeb. The satellites separated successfully from the rocket for one hour and 15 minutes after the launch and were dispensed in nine phases.

With the successful end of the mission, the constellation of OneWeb in low land orbit has 462 satellites. The mission represents more than 70% of the Oneweb’s planned fleet of 648 satellites in orbit of the Low Earth.

LVM3 has completed four consecutive famous missions, including Chandrayaan-2.

What will the Mission be Advantageous?

OneWeb satellites offer high-speed and latency connectivity worldwide. Low latency refers to a computer network that can process a very high volume of dates with a minimal delay. The OneWeb connection with ISRO and NSIL is intended to ensure that the communication company can offer connectivity throughout India by 2023.

OneWeb undertakes to convey secure solutions to companies, cities, cities, municipalities and schools, including the country’s most challenging areas. Bharti Global, Oneweb’s largest investor, supports the company’s commitment to Great Britain.


The LVM3 M2/OneWeb India-1 Mission was a special trade mission for a foreign client via NSIL. UK-based OneWeb launched 36 satellites in collaboration with ISRO, at Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh—a total of 36 OneWeb Gen-1 satellites.