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What, Why, and How the Quality Standards for Mobile Phone LCD Screens

Injured Gadgets - What, Why, and How the Quality Standards for Mobile Phone LCD Screens

Injured gadgets have been in the mobile repair industry for almost a decade, and we understand the importance of quality parts.

We ensure transparency in all our products and the Quality Standards of Cell phone LCD Screens that we follow. To demonstrate how much we believe in our product’s quality, we offer a lifetime warranty on all the items bought from Injured Gadgets. Injured gadgets guarantee transparency on all our products and the quality standards we follow for mobile phone LCD screens.

This article will discuss what quality standards are of cell phones and LCD Screens, the different types of quality standards, their importance, and how they can help your business grow. Let’s get started!

Injured Gadgets – What are the Quality Standards for Mobile Phone LCD Screens?

Injured Gadgets quality standards are the documents that establish the guidelines and specifications that must be followed when manufacturing (and selling) a product. It helps ensure that the product serves its purpose and offers customers good value for money.

Mobile phone quality standards help mobile technicians build a relationship with their customers, increase brand awareness, increase their market share, and differentiate themselves from the competition. Another benefit of buying quality phone parts wholesale is that it helps minimize returns, increase returns, and increase profits.

Quality Standards Help To:

  • Improve security
  • Increase productivity.
  • Establish minimum standards for the LCD screen.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce overhead costs.
  • Avoid mistakes (for example, breaking the screen when replacing).

Types of Quality Standards at Injured Gadgets

At Injured Gadgets, we source all of our products from trusted manufacturers. As soon as injured gadgets receive the products, our technicians will perform various quality tests and qualify them accordingly. These are the different types of quality standards for mobile phone LCD screens.


FX5 is a premium aftermarket screen made by our factory partner. This is our flagship product, as injured gadgets have complete control over product development, raw material sourcing, and manufacturing quality control.

FX5 Cell:

Like FX5 in specifications, FX5 uses incell technology to integrate LCD and digitizer. In addition, it is thinner than other parts and has a lower failure rate.

Hard OLED FX5:

FX5 Hard OLED is more fragile than Soft OLED. However, injured gadgets work directly with trusted factories to offer full warranty coverage for any OLED breakage.

Soft OLED FX5:

FX5 Soft OLED is similar to the OLED types used in the original panels and is the highest quality aftermarket OLED for iPhones. You also get a full guarantee on it.


IG3 is our outsourced spare part. It features higher-quality components than other standard panels available on the market. In addition, it features high-range backlighting for vivid colors and ESR for brighter LCD screens.


Premium screens use the highest quality materials to provide an experience similar to the original devices. In addition, these screens are gold-edged (TESA tape pre-installed).

Premium FOG:

Uses newer LCD/OLED panels with aftermarket flex cables. Offering similar color and brightness to refurbished displays, Premium FOG is an excellent alternative to premium refurbished displays.

Premium Refurbished:

It uses original boards removed from devices with original flex cables. These glasses are made from original parts and offer similar performance and display specifications to the original.


These screens use inferior materials that work well but come at a lower price. Unfortunately, they also do not come with a warranty.

Injured Gadgets: Why are Quality Standards Necessary?

Injured Gadgets_ Why are Quality Standards Necessary_

The main reason why injured gadgets quality standards for mobile phones and LCDs are so important is that they promise and deliver on customer expectations. Here are a few more reasons why quality standards are essential:

Save Money and Effort:

A cracked screen can cost you a lot in the long run. For example, you may need to compensate users (with a new screen). You are also likely to lose your confidence.

Increase Customer Satisfaction:

If you install a high-quality screen, the user will experience screens close to the original. Also, it lasts longer than aftermarket products.

Guarantee Value for Money:

Customers who buy a mobile display from you expect the highest quality within their budget. Injured gadgets help ensure they get the best quality and also value for money.

How can Injured Gadgets Quality Standards help Your Business?

As mentioned above, injured gadgets quality standards increase awareness of your business and attract more customers. Also, when satisfied with your products and services, customers are more likely to come back to you whenever they need your services.

It also reduces returns or the need to compensate the customer (for a poor quality screen they didn’t expect).

Get quality screens from Injured Gadgets to ensure your customers get the best value for their money. You can even offer them a lifetime warranty on the screens (since you get it from Injured Gadgets).


Injured Gadget’s quality standards are integral to the mobile screen replacement industry. All products undergo various tests at Injured Gadgets to meet industry quality standards. Injured Gadgets even offer a lifetime warranty so that you can purchase Injured Gadget’s products with peace of mind. You can also wholesale high-quality mobile phone accessories and increase your profit.

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