SE Sleepbuds: If you cannot sleep at night due to sleep disturbance. You were snoring noisy neighbors. Many things keep you awake. You are introducing SE sleepbuds. Small and comfortable, the Sleepbuds function with the App Sleep application to bring relaxing sounds that help you sleep better all night.

Since Bose introduced New Sleepbuds, if you will use the Bose SE Sleepbuds and QuietOn 3 in-ear headphones designed for sleep, Bose uses ambient noise to silence sleep, while QuietOn relies on silent, active noise cancellation (ANC). But who most effectually sent you to the land of Nod?

Unlike headphones, Sleepbuds does not stream music or podcasts. Play content from the Bose Sleep app only.

Bose Se Sleepbuds II

Bose Se Sleepbuds II are wireless earbuds designed to spare especially for sleep. The comfortable earbuds passively block noise while comforting sounds help you sleep over the night. Get awake for 10 hours on a single charge and three additional hours on a mission.

Bose Sleep App

Bose Sleep App

Bose Se Sleepbuds II works with the Bose Sleep app to bring you a collection of more than 50 sounds, including noise-masking sounds and relaxation content developed by Bose. Choose your favorites to customize the earbuds and other settings – like a personal alarm. More content will be added to the healthy library through future software updates.

How do Bose SE Sleepbuds Works?

  • Before we get into what worked best for me, let’s discuss how they work. On the surface, they both seem pretty similar – they’re things you put over your ears to reduce noise while you sleep – but once you put them to use, it’s clear they’re very dissimilar. The QuietOn 3 Ear Buds have ANC and work without a Bluetooth connection. They look like traditional in-ear headphones and come with foam ear pads, similar to the compliant ear tips with some headphones.
  • Bose SE Sleepbuds use ambient noise and passive noise cancellation to mask external noise. The earbuds are small and curved, with a soft and very compliant silicone tip and tiny wings that help them stay in your ears. Bose requires a Bluetooth connection with your phone to work. Each pair of earbuds fit into a unique case, with QuietOn opting for a standard pill-shaped case with a plastic body and ribbed metal interior and Bose opting for a very smooth puck-shaped case with a rolling top.
  • Looking at the hardware, the Bose SE Sleepbuds 2 look and feel more luxurious than the QuietOn 3. The case is fantastic. The overall quality is high, from the muted motion of the collapsing roof to the glowing crime scenes. Unfortunately, the plastic QuietOn case rubs off, as does the way the earbuds sway on the magnets inside, and the little gems themselves don’t have Bose’s design flair. However, the lack of Bluetooth on the QuietOn 3 means they are more comfortable and also removes the worry of wearing earbuds emitting a signal for hours.

Bose Se Sleep fit in Your Ears.

  • When you sleep on your side so you will worry about how the gems will feel overnight, it doesn’t have difficulty how much noise they cover if you can’t sleep because they’re uncomfortable. Then you will not be worried about the Bose Se Sleepbuds 2, which are incredibly comfortable.
  • The silicone tips are so soft they don’t stretch your ears, the body is small and barely noticeable, they’re snug enough that they never fall off, and they fit flush, so you can feel them when you’re lying on the side.
  • The QuietOn 3 is different. They fit in the same way as smaller versions of regular true wireless in-ear headphones but without silicone or wings to keep them in one place. Unfortunately, even though they don’t move, they fall asleep a few times. This is because the body doesn’t fit into the ear as naturally as the Bose.
  • But what frustrates you the most is the foam on the ears. The QuietOn 3 comes with four ear foam tips that expand into the ear to form a seal. Sorry for the trouble of getting it right. While the medium-sized tips were efficient at isolating sound, they were far too broad, and the expanded foam caused ear pain for some time. The small tips are better, but you don’t feel they isolate enough to be effective.
  • The QuietOn 3 takings a while to get used to once, so you put them on while you put the Bose on and immediately feel comfortable. No wonder you sleep with everything in your ears; it’s so comforting. In the first 30 minutes with the QuietOn III, you will be significantly more aware that something was in your ear than with the Bose SE Sleepbuds.

You Will Sleep with Bose SE Sleepbuds

QuietOn argues that while noise from background devices like the Bose SE Sleepbuds 2 are great for making you sleep, they aren’t for good sleep. They say masking the sound is a better solution altogether. On the other hand, many people now use ambient noise to help them fall asleep – on purpose or just the sound of fans or air conditioners running – so it’s a well-known and tried-and-true method.

On nights in solitude, you will reach for the SE Sleepbuds 2 or the QuietOn. 3. You would alternate between the two pairs, you felt like a gem of sleep, but you rarely got through the night. You slept, whomever you chose. Most of the time, you want to wake up, yield them out, and go back to sleep. It was an unnatural stuffy feeling in the ears that would bring you out rather than bother you, and it happened both ways.

You use the Bose SE Sleepbuds 2 with a sound system that works two hours before driving. Unfortunately, there is no such option on the QuietOn 3, so you must include it. The QuietOn 3’s ANC is excellent and easy to pick up noise from outside the house.

Using the watch showed that the ANC can’t compete with the Sony WH-1000XM4 or the Apple Air Pods Pro, but it’s perfectly adequate for night-time use, and most importantly, it doesn’t build up pressure in your ears.

This aside, you will find the Bose SE Sleepbuds 2 more comfortable to wear for extended periods, but you prefer them over the QuietOn 3. However, this opinion is quite personal and may not be accurate. Even before you think the Bose SE Sleepbuds 2 have won over. They lose serious points if we talk about the battery.

Battery and Health

Battery and Health

Bose claims a battery life of 10 hours for the Sleepbuds 2, & QuietOn says 28 hours on a full charge. And there was no reason to doubt, and both easily lasted until a whole night’s sleep. However, the Bose image has a draining output. Leave them fully charged in the case, and after a few days, the batteries in both the gem and the circumstance, even if you don’t use them at all, will be completely dead.

He is crazy. Worse, it takes six hours to charge. So if you’re like me, you use them many times, often without knowing what to do with them, you would not be ready. Yes, the batteries drain naturally, but hopefully for a few weeks, not a few days. You will also have to be precise when placing the spikes in case it is easy to disconnect and not run. Battery and warranty are severe problems for Bose.

Suppose you don’t allow QuietOn 3 in the same way at all. The case and the gems held the charge for weeks without issue. You can also like how you just put them in your ears, and also they work while you have two dreams to connect to your phone and the App opens. However, the initial intercourse is sometimes scaly and does not have that in the middle of the night.

However, you like the Bose ambient sound profiles in the App. Of course, you can prefer the sound itself, but there is plenty to choose from if you want something else, and they all sound perfect. The App is also attractive and easy to use. But all this only helps if the Sleepbuds 2 is charged, which you want to use, and not always.

Difference between Bose SE Sleepbuds 2 and the QuietOn 3

  • Deciding between the Bose Se Sleepbuds 2 and the QuietOn 3 is as personal as sleep. Comfort and fit may differ depending on the size and shape of your ears and how much sound they block. Whether or not one works for you will rest on your circumstances. And the battle room will only be frustrating if you don’t use Sleep 2 every day.
  • These are also costly items. The Bose Sleepbuds 2 cost $249, and the QuietOn 3 are $269. So you’ll want to make the right choice before buying. Another thing to consider is how healthy it is for your ears to use earbuds every night. The ears need to breathe; if they don’t, you can find obvious ear issues. I don’t use it often, or for long periods, so it’s a significant issue. But my inner ear was itchier with more regular use. Regular cleaning tips are also essential.
  • So, what’s the conclusion after a few months with both of these sleep-inducing headphones? In an ideal world, you’d want a mix of both. I prefer the comfort and fit of the Bose Sleepbuds 2. But the QuietOn 3 is more comfortable and has far less hassle when it comes to connecting and charging. Finally, you can turn to the Bose Sleepbuds 2 more often. Which comes down to the exquisite ambient sound and comfort.
  • But I’ll also let you in on a third secret option. If you don’t want to spend at least $250 on earbuds for sleep: On many nights, you can find looking for a Google Nest Hub to play white noise for 30 minutes. The same job is to help you sleep. My opinion is to pay attention before jumping into either of these.


A good night’s routine leads to restful, healthy sleep. Bose SE Sleepbuds II is designed for all sleep stages. From when you crawl into bed to relax after a long day to when you turn in at midnight. This is how you wake up refreshed.

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