About Netgear Switch

A Netgear switch is helpful in a wired network to connect to different devices using Ethernet cables. The Netgear switch allows each connected device to communicate with the others. Pure wireless networks do not use switches because devices like wireless routers and adapters communicate directly.

Though you can use the ports on the back side of a router/modem to connect some Ethernet devices, switches offer several advantages:

What is Netgear?

What is Netgear_

At Netgear, we change thoughts into innovative networking products that attach people, power businesses, and improve the way we live. Easy to use. Powerful. Intelligent. And designed just for you.

For Home

Netgear makes it easy to have the most innovative home in your Neighborhood with the latest and fastest networking technology. Our easy-to-use products can help you stream movie nights more frequently, watch almost everything on your tablet without buffering, check into your home from your smartphone, and save and protect all your family memories. From the most advanced wireless Internet connection to superior streaming, remote home video observing, and storage solutions, your home network system has the speed, range, and performance you need every time. At Netgear, we’re focused on everything connected to make your online experience all-in-one so you can sit back, relax, and do more.

For business

In business, trust is everything. When it approaches your network, it’s even more critical. Whether you’re a little business with big dreams or a midsize business ready to take the next step, you must securely share access and ideas, connect remote locations, and empower your employees with the necessary tools. At Netgear, we provide network, storage, and security solutions without the cost and difficulty of big IT. Our advanced range of reliable and affordable networking products is easy to install and maintain. We provide solutions you can trust, so you have more time for what matters most: raising your industry.

For Service Providers

Keeping your customers happy and faithful is everything. At Netgear, we’re committed to your success. That’s why we offer the tools and keys you need to keep your consumers and business customers connected, productive, and happy. Partner with Netgear for home-based connectivity, home media, security and automation, and also mobile solutions. We care about the details that matter to you to provide customized, cost-effective, and also ascendable solutions that contribute to your bottom line.

What is a Netgear Network Switch?

What is a Netgear Network Switch_

A Netgear network switch is a hardware device that enables the communication between devices on a network, such as a B., which can allow a local home network.

Most routers used in homes or small businesses contain these kinds of switches.

Advantages of Netgear Switch:

  • The switches allow you to connect dozens of devices.
  • Switches prevent traffic between two devices from receiving in the method of your other devices on a similar network.
  • Switches permit you to control who has access to different parts of the network.
  • The switches will enable you to monitor usage.
  • Switches allow communication (within your network) even faster than the Internet.
  • High-end switches can be customized to your network needs with plug-in modules.

The Switch is also Known As:

The correct term for these switches or switches is a network switch, although it is tough to find this term in the market. Another unusual name for this class of switches is a switching hub.

Essential Facts about Network Switches:

Network switches come in managed and unmanaged formats (managed and also unmanaged switches).

Unmanaged switches have no options and perform the same functions out of the box.

Managed switches have advanced options that can be configured. Managed network switches also contain software called firmware that must be updated as the switch manufacturer releases new versions.

Therefore these switches can only be connected to other network devices via network cables and do not require any drivers to work with Windows or other operating systems.

Description of a Network Switch:

Network switches connect to multiple devices, such as computers, simultaneously to enable precise communication between these devices. Hence these switches have multiple network ports, sometimes dozens, to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Typically, a network switch is physically connected to a router with a network cable and then to network interface cards on any network devices you have with a network cable.

General Tasks of a Network Switch:

Here are some everyday tasks that affect network-managed switches:

  • Change network switch password
  • Update the firmware of the network switch

Which Ethernet Netgear Switch is Right for You?

When It Comes To Netgear Switches, One Size Doesn’t Fit All. Ethernet switches come in all kinds with options ranging from management style, the number of ports, PoE capabilities, and also port speed. Check out our different categories of switches that are sure to exceed your evolving network needs.

Unmanaged Netgear switch

Plug-and-play switches with no management overhead. Quiet and also energy efficient.

Plus Netgear Switch

Easy-to-configure, low-maintenance switches with QoS, VLANS, PoE, and also more.

Smart Netgear Switches

Enhanced security, high-bandwidth switches for more extensive networks from the core to the edge. VLAN, PoE, and also ACL controls.

Cloud Smart Netgear Switch

Insight Managed option. Enhanced security, high-bandwidth switches for more extensive networks from the core to the edge. VLAN, PoE, and also ACL controls.

PoE Netgear Switch

Browse and compare our full range of PoE switches of all management styles with various features.

Multi-Gig Netgear Switch

Explore and compare our full range of multi-gig Netgear switches of all management styles with a variety of features

Managed Netgear switch

Browse several families of fully managed switches from Netgear. L3+ capabilities with best-in-class performance scalability and also the most advanced features.

AVLine ProAV Netgear Switch

The M4250 series of switches are designed for 1G AV over IP. Rear connections, sleek design, and also pre-configured for AV-over-IP functionality out of the box.

Switch Model Numbers

You can determine the capabilities of a Netgear switch by its model number:

The first is the Ethernet capability of the Switch:

  • FS: Fast Ethernet.
  • GS or JGS: Gigabit Ethernet.
  • GSS: Gigabit Ethernet Click Switch.
  • MS: Multi-gigabit Ethernet (5x).
  • XS: 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

The fully managed switches below have an “M,” which means the Switch is fully executed.

Then comes the Switch series:

  • Desktop (ProSAFE, Insight)
  • Desk Essentials (Plastic)
  • Desktop Essentials (Metal)
  • Easy assembly.
  • Desktop/Rackmount (13-inch)
  • SOHO desk (plastic)
  • Rack Mount (17″)
  • Nighthawk Pro Gaming (Desktop)
  • Desktop lifestyle (plastic)

The following is the number of ports on the Switch.

By several ports:

  • E: Smart Managed Plus.
  • T: Smart Managed Pro.
  • M: Multi-gigabit Ethernet uplink ports (5 speeds).
  • X: 10 Gigabit uplinks.
  • P: Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. This may be preceded by an L (Low) or a P (Standard or High), which indicates the amount of power available to linked devices.
  • S: The Netgear switch is stackable and can be auxiliary to a group of switches controlled by one Switch.

For example, “GS908E” means the Switch is a Desktop Lifestyle Switch (9) Series Smart Managed Plus Switch (E) with Gigabit Ethernet (GS) and also eight ports (08).


Switch vs Router: What’s the Difference?

A router connects devices to multiple networks. The core difference between a switch and also a router is that a switch connects devices to form a network. Hence a switch can also enhance additional Ethernet ports to the router. Learn more about Netgear WiFi routers that offer different connectivity standards, including WiFi 6 and aslo WiFi 6e.

What are the Different Styles of Network Switches?

Different network switches exist, e.g., B. Unmanaged, Fully Managed, Plus Switches, and also Smart Switches. In addition, PoE switches provide Power over Ethernet functionality designed to power PoE devices such as surveillance cameras, WiFi access points, and speakers. Therefore learn more about Netgear’s line of switches, including quality Ethernet switch accessories.

What is Netgear Insight?

Netgear Insight is an isolated network management system. With the Netgear Insight app or Insight Cloud portal, you can quickly discover, configure, monitor, and also manage your Orbi Pro cloud-managed smart switches, wireless access points, VPN routers, and also mesh WiFi systems from anywhere.


Netgear network switches have many management options, ports, and also PoE capabilities. A Netgear switch is helpful in a wired network to connect to additional devices using Ethernet cables. Hence the Switch allows each connected device to communicate with the others.

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