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In this article, we have shared the complete information about When she started her YouTube channel, she didn’t expect much from it. It was just a hobby to keep her happy and creative in her free time. She had been living in Morocco. But she was lonely. Now she can look back and think, “That was a pretty good decision.” YouTube has completely changed her life, and she started sharing all kind of videos on her YouTube channel.

At first, she didn’t see it as a profession. However, as time passed, she started getting more views and subscribers on her channel and realized that people started to trust her videos a little more. She knew that she wanted to take YouTube more seriously, so she bought a DSLR camera for better-quality videos.

Who is Ibtissam Basoma?

Ibtissam Basoma is a Youtuber, her YouTube channel name is Ibtissam Basoma with the Id: @ibtissambasoma1771 and she share food related videos on YouTube and her audience like her videos and give comment.

What is a YouTuber?

A person is a Youtuber who produces content videos for the YouTube platform. For some, it’s a hobby, something they do to share their experiences, network, and also have fun. For others, it’s a full-time job that pays the bills and more.

You can call yourself a YouTuber if you regularly post content on the platform or make a living from your video content.

In 2021, “YouTubers” is identical to billionaire unboxes, toy critics, and more. But not all YouTubers bring home big bucks. This raises the question.

What Is YouTube Code?

Developers can programmatically interact with the YouTube platform using YouTube code, sometimes called the YouTube API (Application Programming Interface). In other words, the software allows users to upload, view and interact with videos on YouTube.

Why Learn YouTube Code?

Understanding the YouTube code can open up a whole host of new possibilities. For example, you can use YouTube code as a marketer or content creator to automate processes like managing your channel, posting videos, and analyzing data.

Developers can create their apps, plugins, and extensions to enhance the YouTube experience for themselves and other users.

Basic YouTube Code Syntax

The Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture on which YouTube’s code is based implies that it communicates with the YouTube API via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests.

In this case, VIDEO ID is the unique identifier of the video you want to get, API KEY is the YouTube API access key, and PARTS are the details you want to get, including title, description, and view count.

What Is https://Youtu.Be/?

A shortened URL that leads directly to a YouTube video is Other URL shorteners like and are equivalent.

Shortened URLs are beneficial because they are easier to share and remember than long, complicated URLs. They also work well on print media like flyers and posters when more space is needed for a long URL.

It’s no surprise that social media marketing plays a crucial role in drawing attention to restaurants and menus, but what can you do to market yourself as a YouTuber? Show your talent and exercise creativity by starting your food channel on YouTube. We’ll walk you through creating content for a YouTube food channel that will have viewers flocking to your page to follow.

Ibtissam Basoma YouTube Channel Name

Ibtissam Basoma YouTube Channel Name is @ibtissambasoma1771, and she Joined YouTube on Sep 16, 2019, from Morocco. And she has 55.5K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Please look at this video in which you can find what she is sharing on her YouTube channel.

Ibtissam Basoma YouTube Channel

Ibtissam Basoma YouTube channel statistics and analytics were updated on Feb 2 2023. She has 55.5K followers on her YouTube channel, average views of 6.4K, and a NOx Score of 2.07, estimated cost is $163.5, and her YouTube channel engagement rate is 6.89%

Channel Quality: NOx Score Component

Channel Ranking

Cost and CPM


Ibtissam Basoma YouTube Age

When she started her YouTube channel on Sep 16, 2019, from Morocco. As per that, her YouTube channel age is three years and five months. She shows her talent and exercises her creativity by starting her food channel on YouTube.

Ibtissam Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Ibtissam Basoma has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and channels where she shares her talent by creating good content videos that will have viewers flock to her page to follow. She is very talented and loves to share content videos on social networking sites where her audiences like her videos and photos. Some of them are sharing them on their personal accounts to support her.

Basoma hashtag on Instagram – Photos and Videos

Ibtissam Basoma has an account on Instagram with the name #Basoma. On Instagram, she shares 1000+ photos and videos to date, and everyone likes her pictures and videos whatever she shares on Instagram. She has an audience who wants her pictures and videos on Instagram.

Conclusion – Ibtissam Basoma, a YouTuber who started sharing food-related videos on her YouTube channel. Where her audience began to like her videos and give comments on her videos. As per our knowledge, we share the complete information about – Ibtissam Basoma, a YouTuber. If you like this article, please comment below.

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