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Trading Write For Us

Trading Write For Us – Trading refers to buying and selling securities to make money from daily price changes.

To trade the stock market, you should understand the stock trading basics. Investing is very important these days as more than savings is needed to beat inflation and achieve our financial goals. There are various investment options available for you to choose from based on your needs and convenience. This is intensive participation in financial markets rather than investments based primarily on a buy-and-hold strategy.

Types of Trading


Scalping is also known as micro trading. It is a subset of intraday trading. It is a trading style specializing in making profits on small price changes.

Day Trading

This form of trading involves buying and selling stocks in a single day. A trader in such trades must close the position before the daily market completes.

Swing Trading

This trading is used to profit from short-term stock patterns. For example, this style is used to profit from stocks within days of purchase.

Momentum Trading

When the stock price rises over time, it is said to have gained momentum. In momentum trading, traders try to profit from this price movement.

How does the Trading Work?

The Stock trading is buying and selling of companies listed on the two major stock exchanges:

  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Whoever buys the shares gets absolute ownership in the company and is entitled to a certain percentage of the claims.

The stock market works as follows:

  • An initial public offering (IPO) lists a company on the primary market
  • The shares are distributed in the secondary market
  • Here, the issued shares are traded by investors in the secondary market.
  • The companies registered in the stock exchanges, the Stockbrokers and brokerage firms, offer investors and traders the to buy shares at a specified price.

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