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Polo Tech Suit – How to Take Care of a Polo Tech Suit

Polo Tech Suit - Everything You Need to Know About Polo Tech Suit

About Polo Tech Suit

Polo Tech Suit – You may have seen competitive swimmers wearing these slim, very tight-looking swimsuits in swimming competitions. You probably thought they were specially designed suits for competitive swimmers (you’re right!), but you may have yet to fully understand what those suits were and why swimmers wear them. Luckily we’re here to help! This guide explains the basics of these polo tech suits and why you should get a pair if you’re serious about winning your next competition!

What is Tech Suit?

A tech suit is a particular type of swimsuit designed to be worn during competitions so you can perform at your best. Men’s tech suits look like traditional swim trunks, but instead of being loose around your thighs, they’re tighter to compress the muscles. Women tech suits are similar, although they also wrap around the shoulders and offer full-body compression rather than just leg compression.

Tech suits are not designed for everyday use and should only worn during competitions. Furthermore, for the reasons detailed below, the material is not intended to withstand hundreds of swimmers.

What is a Polo Tech Suit?

The Polo Tech Suit is a revolutionary clothing technology that Ralph Lauren created. It is designed to give athletes an edge in their performance, as it uses biometric sensors to monitor the body’s vital signs and provide feedback on improving performance. The Polo Tech Suit also provides the wearer with real-time data on their heart rate, breathing rate, and other metrics. Using this information, athletes can better understand how their bodies respond to different activities and adjust their strategies accordingly.

The Polo Tech Suit is a revolutionary piece of apparel designed to monitor the wearer’s physical performance. Developed by Ralph Lauren and Signal, the suit is equipped with sensors and conductive yarns that measure heart rate, breathing rate, stress levels, and other biometrics. This information is sent to an app on your smartphone which provides real-time feedback about your body’s performance. This information lets users track their progress and adjust their lifestyle or training routine accordingly. This makes the Polo Tech Suit an excellent tool for athletes who want to optimize their performance or stay healthy.

Why Wear a Polo Tech Suit?

There are three great reasons why swimmers wear polo tech suit, two of them physical and one mental:


It takes about 15 minutes to half an hour to slip into a polo tech suit, which is the compression. The suit is designed to fit very closely to your body. Because of this, your muscles contract more, which improves blood flow. This allows your body to flush out metabolic waste and lactic acid faster while running. The smaller your body is when you swim, the more streamlined you are, and the faster you get.


Polo tech suit compress your body and are made of hydrophobic material that does not absorb water while swimming. This reduces drag and keeps the polo tech suit “smooth” in the water again, allowing you to swim faster. Doesn’t absorb water.

Mental Edge

While this isn’t the most obvious and easily measurable benefit of wearing a polo tech suit, it will make you feel like a faster, stronger swimmer in one and be far more prepared for the race ahead than if you weren’t wearing it. Confidence can often be the difference between winning and losing, and when you feel like you’ve done everything you can to do your best, chances are you will do your best.

Size of Polo Tech Suit

Polo tech suit can often feel uncomfortably tight if you’re not use to them because of the compression. Also, it’s not uncommon for a suit to be so comfortable that it takes anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour to put it on. Because of this, sizing can be tricky, and sizing varies slightly between manufacturers. Luckily, has several size charts to help determine which baseball suits your need.

Polo Tech Suit Longevity

Unfortunately, all this compression comes at a price. It is recommended that the polo tech suit last, give or take, between 10 and 12 swims. For this reason, they should only worn during use, put on just before a meeting, and removed shortly afterward. You should remove the suit as soon as possible, wash it with clean water, and let it air dry to avoid chlorine attacking the seams. Do not tumble dry, as this severely limits the suit’s life.

Polo Tech Suit Price

Because of all the high-quality materials that go into a polo tech suit, they tend to be more expensive than a traditional swim trunk. However, they come in various style to suit any budget, and with proper care, you’ll need to replace them less often than you might think!

How to Take Care of a Polo Tech Suit

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to care for your polo tech suit. Of course, we want you to get the most bang for your buck, so we encourage you to follow them closely.

We Recommend Warming up in a Polo Tech Suit for Two Reasons

Keep the Polo Tech Suit Safe During the Meeting.

Tip: Bars only hurt because they’re dry and draw chlorine onto your skin that’s too dry. If they start to break, it means you’ve been out of the water for an extended time (it can take an hour or two for this to happen), come back, and warm up again at least 200 meters. This will get your suit and skin wet again, and the straps will no longer pull on your thin skin. It also benefits your performance by bringing more oxygen to your muscles.

Race in the Polo Tech Suit Wet

After You are Done Competing for the Day

Once You Get Home


A polo tech suit is a must if you are thinking about swimming. The compression advantage and hydrophobic material will give you an edge over other swimmers, and when running, every second counts. So get one today and see how much it will help you in the final stages of a big race!

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