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Google Pixel: The Google Pixel Phone Specifications

Google Pixel_ The Google Pixel Phone Specifications


Google Pixel: Google has officially unveiled its latest Pixel family mobile phones. It Pixel 6 and Google 6 Pro unveiled the new design and highlighted the new Tensor Tensor processor on both phones.

Sundar Pichai, the former CEO, said the hardware package, to be launched at the end of 2021, will show Google’s “high-tech investments.” tensor’s new processor presentation also came with illustrations praising his prowess in photography and voice recognition technology. Which will feature new phones.

Google’s first Pixel phone caused a stir when it was first unveiled nearly five years ago, but since then, google’s search giant’s invasion of mobile devices has not been effective. Last year, the Pixel 5 received a high rating on the quality of photography but lacked the premium specifications you’d expect from a top-tier smartphone at the price offered. As a result, an expert from the CNET technical website described him as an unrecommended phone.

Now that Google has made a giant creative leap with the google pixel series. Whether these changes help the company compete with the best phones from Apple and Samsung or continue to disappoint its fans!
here we review the official specifications revealed by google about the new phones:

Versions of the Google Pixel Phones

Since its initial release, there have been other versions of the Google Pixel. Below is a list of all the Google Pixel phones.

Name: Google Pixel 6 or Pro

Unlike Apple and Samsung, Google has been consistent in naming its phones. It came after pixel 1, pixel 2, and then pixel 3 until we got to the phone that will be released in 2021 with the name pixel 6.

Google’s new ad suggests that both phones will carry a lot of similar features. Such as the new tensor processor on a Google-designed chip. And camera tape runs along the back of the phone.

The camera sensors absorb one and a half times more light than the previous generation google pixel 5 phones. And an ultra-wide lens.

In addition, software upgrades will also come in both models. Including features compatible with android 12 and the development of speech recognition and photography supported by the new processor.

Specifications of Google Pixel: New Processor, Particular Camera Bar

The radical difference in new-generation phones referred to by Google seems to dispense with Qualcomm processors and replace them with its new program, called Tensor Tensor. Which Google has confirmed improves photography and speech recognition.

“Part of our goal is to show the best that Google can offer,” said Rick Costello, vice president of hardware at Google. there is a large segment of consumers asking for the latest technology. And we love building it, so we will try to attract this part of the market.”

In a photography show, a blurry image of a child was repaired by a tensor processor by combining details from multiple photos into a single image.

The new processor is also described as having speech recognition, and pixel 6 can also differentiate between dictating the message. And voice commands while dictating messages such as “wipe” and “send” and allowing the on-screen keyboard to modify any spelling or grammatical errors. At the same time, the microphone continues to listen to the message.

Another demo shows that google pixel 6 plays alive, line translation of a presentation in french into English.

Going to the camera bar, the google pixel 6 pro has three cameras. Including a close-up lens with 4x optical zoom. While the google pixel 6 regular versions will not have a close-up lens. However, in both models, previous specifications were allocated for a 50-megapixel camera. And a 12-megapixel HD camera. But google’s pixel 6 pros close-up camera has a 48-megapixel lens.

Design And Colours: A New Holistic Look

It has a new look for 2021. And Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be available in three colours, the first coming in pastel shades of green, red and black. And the Pro device has more metallic colours than black, gold and grey. Moving to the front end of the phone.


A smartphone made by Google was introduced in 2016. Pixel phones follow the line of “pure Android” devices and offer fast charging via USB Type-C. They also include unlimited Google Photos cloud storage, phone support via 24/7 chat, Google’s virtual assistant (see Google Assistant), a next-generation laser-focused 4K camera, and virtual reality performance (see Daydream VR).

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