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Cybersecurity – Financial Risks of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity - Financial Risks of Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity risks are more complex than ever. One reason is the emergence of the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (ai). By 2020, each person will produce about 1.7 Mbps of information. Cybercriminals use technical development to discover new hacking methods and monopolize sensitive data. Artificial intelligence and the internet of things can revolutionize society, but what happens when cybercriminals use this new technology as a weapon?

Suppose there is no adequate security application to IoT and artificial intelligence devices. In that case, users will be vulnerable to cyberattacks, as anyone can control one or more of these devices to access many computers and networks.

Artificial intelligence was created to use ml machine learning to bypass human abilities and see patterns that it cannot perceive. It can also evolve to address practices that humans have not yet programmed. Looking at data in entirely new ways opens the door to many possibilities. Still, it also opens up many risks because cybersecurity risks are not sufficiently considered when manufacturing IoT devices and artificial intelligence.

the dangers of the internet of things and artificial intelligence – new hacking and hacking methods. The monopoly of sensitive data – intelligent homes – smart cars

Memory attacks have quietly arose as a new class of hacking techniques to subvert traditional security measures. This new threat includes hardware level attacks such as removing and reading (dual inline memory modules) DIMMs from servers or installing attack hardware. Without Intel TME, hackers can access critical data and encryption keys or install malware, compromising the security of your system.

Financial Institutions Risks of Cybersecurity

Mobile devices, payment cards and payment information are available for platforms (such as Google) and automated devices (such as amazon’s Alexa) that you can use to buy your needs in the age of intelligent machines.

The comfort these platforms and devices bring to everyday life is to store information on them, but most people don’t know what’s happening to their data. So how much can we trust these devices? Manufacturers focus mainly on customer preferences and ease of use, so the focus on securing these devices to protect user data was not enough.

Mobile banking applications provided by financial institutions also maintain patterns such as when a person buys their needs and where. In addition, it can detect unusual patterns and use them to create profiles.

Banking applications are often safer than the internet of things and other ai devices, including reporting fraud cases. Still, there is plenty of data available that may enable a third party to devote time and effort to accessing and manipulating such data.

Health Care

Technology risks in the healthcare sector are concentrated on an individual scale, namely devices placed within the human body, such as pulse control devices or blood transfusion devices. Despite the intelligent healthcare technology these devices provide. They are at risk of malware due to the low level of cybersecurity installed on them. It means that the data stored on these devices are vulnerable to third-party acquisition.

To avoid this, these devices must have a high level of security to prevent any unauthorized infiltration or access that may threaten the patient’s life. Such as the intruder being able to access and disable the pacemaker.

Smart Homes

Smart homes provide more technology to things that a few decades ago would have seemed impossible or ridiculous: refrigerators, kettles, lamps, doorbells, etc., like internet banking. The aim is to make everyday life smoother and to allow individuals to turn their attention to other things.

The secret of smart home devices is their ability to anticipate a person’s daily needs and patterns, which achieve by tracking and recording a person’s interaction with the device and transmitting recorded data to the server. Still, if this connection is not secure, it will become an easy target for hackers. And also, if the data stored within the server or database is not encrypted, you will be at risk of violation.

Cars – Risk of Cybersecurity

The use of IoT devices in vehicles has spread frequently, encouraging thinking about the possibility of automated driving. Most of these programs link to insurance companies that allow customers to install data supply devices and reduce insurance fees if driving within specific criteria.

The insurance provider’s servers that receive data may also be targeting more broadly. For example, hackers may be able to access internal systems and target entire car fleets. In addition, if networks are not adequately fragmented. Hackers can access the insurance provider’s networks and hack into a vast amount of personal data.

Car manufacturers are adding more intelligent systems to new models. These systems allow the car to access the android phone, contacts, cameras and all data associated with intelligent systems. All this information returns to the manufacturer and its servers.

In that case, it will remain stored in cloud storage space, causing many potential security risks. Such as the former owner’s ability to access a car used by someone else. Allowing access to the vehicle’s functions and new user data. This is similarly true for intelligent homes.

So if you sell your home, have you erased all the data and user information? If the data encryption is not happening correctly from the outset and you should delete it after each user. Many people are vulnerable to cybersecurity risks.

Cybersecurity In 2020

By the beginning of 2020, more security must achieve in IoT devices. And artificial intelligence from the manufacturing stage to provide sufficient protection for users. If the device does not perform adequate security to prevent cyberattacks, the entire network is vulnerable to hacking. Securing vulnerabilities, therefore, protects at the individual level and the corporate and country levels.

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