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Best Buy Electric Scooter or E-Scooter in 2022

About Best Buy Electric Scooter or E-Scooter

Best Buy Electric Scooter are available in all shapes and sizes. To help you find the right one, we have compiled a list of the best electric scooters available at best buy. The list includes e-scooters from both established and new companies. These electric scooters are environmentally friendly and have lower maintenance and running costs than their ICE variants. Also, some, if not all, electric scooters are now bundling their gas variants, and with federal and government grants, which are subject to change, you can drive costs down even further with that in mind.

What is Best Buy Known for?

Best Buy is a shopper electronics retailer with offices in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The company sells various items at its physical locations and online, including cell phones, digital cameras, video games and music, and home appliances like washing machines and refrigerators. Best Buy also offers store repair services for computers and other devices through its Geek Squad brand. The retailer has been one of the few to thrive during the pandemic, reporting a 144% surge in U.S. online sales and an 8.3% jump in total sales in 2020 as Americans shift their home offices to a new remote work system upgraded.

What do They Sell at Best Buy?

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Selling Best Buy Electric Scooter

Best Buy customers often choose the following products when searching for electric scooters.

Electric scooters are the pinnacle of passenger transportation. They are fun to drive, can go anywhere, and are great fun to watch. They’re also a great way to get around if you’re short on space or want to avoid traffic.

Affordable Electric Scooter

Large Electric Scooter

Blue Electric Scooter

Compact Electric scooter

The Best Buy Electric Scooter at Best Buy

Forget the bad rap of all those rental scooters littering your city’s sidewalks – electric scooters are a great way to get around. The best buy electric scooter are faster and cheaper than almost any electric bike, and they cut gas costs because you ride less. In other words, you can save the earth and your wallet simultaneously. Plus, they’re a lot of fun to drive while cruising around town.

All electric scooters may look more or less the same at first glance, but under the hood, their specs can vary quite a bit, so which one works best for you largely depends on where and how often you ride. Some can take tens of kilometers on a single charge, while others rely on performance-oriented features like multiple speeds. The best buy electric scooter offers a decent range, so you won’t get stuck, powerful brakes so you can stop in a flash, and built-in lights or reflectors to protect you in the dark.

Here are our top picks.

Best Buy Electric Scooter Overall: Apollo City

A smooth ride for bumpy daily commutes. A touring and touring all-rounder, the Apollo City is a solid choice for anyone looking for a quality electric scooter for any road condition. Thanks to the triple braking system, you can speed through the city at 40 km/h and stop effortlessly. In addition, you can navigate the bumps easily thanks to the comfortable front and rear suspension. And while 39 pounds doesn’t make precisely good light, it’s lighter and easier to maneuver than models with similar range and speed.

If you need to lug it on the subway or up the stairs, the Apollo City folds into a compact package. If you’re still in doubt, there’s also a 14-day return policy, free shipping, and a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.



Best Buy Electric Scooter at Best Value: Yvolution YES

A charming scooter to get around the city in style. This retro-inspired scooter turns heads with a maple deck and soft matte colors like aqua and pink, perfect for riders who value fashion. But it’s more than just an attractive face; this scooter is incredibly capable of its price. With impressive mountaineering skills, it can climb 14% of gradients in San Francisco or Seattle neighborhoods. In addition, the innovative FlexxPress design suspends the deck over the frame to absorb shock when driving over rocks or potholes.

Beginners will love the user-friendly design: the one-button interface is simple with an LED display and three swiftness. The YES scooter is also prepared with five safety lights, a round headlight, & deck lights so you can ride at night.



Best Buy Electric Scooter Lightweight: Unagi Model One E500

A futuristic design without bulk. They love the Unagi Model One because it’s sleek and well-designed, with evident attention to detail, from the recessed LED display on the handlebars to the airbags in the 7.5-inch tires to absorb bumps. All components are lightweight, with a carbon fiber tube, magnesium handlebar, and aluminum chassis. This electric scooter weighs just 26.5 pounds compared to the 30+ pound weight of other models, making it a good choice if you plan on lugging it up a flight or more stairs.

The E500 has a 500W battery to help you climb 15-degree inclines with ease and also double electronic anti-lock brakes to stop fast and safely. Overall, we’re impressed that Unagi packs so much into such a light package.



Best Buy Electric Scooter Budget: GoTrax G3

Lots of features at an affordable price. This cheap electric scooter offers most of the features of other models at a lower price. What’s the best? This scooter costs less than $500 and pays for itself in the first few months after you rest, spending your entire paycheck to fill up your gas tank.

With an expansive deck for extra stability and cruise control for easy handling, this electric scooter is ideal for beginners. It’s equipped with a headlight, a taillight, and an integrated cable lock, so you’ll always have everything you need for the ride. It also charges quickly, in just 4.5 hours, so you’ll be ready to drive whenever you feel like it.



Best Buy Electric Scooter Long-Range: InMotion S1

When it has to go far, the InMotion L9 beats the competition regarding battery life and range. At 59 miles, this scooter’s coverage is better than 30 miles on any other in this grade. But it’s also a great all-around choice for commuters, as it is waterproof and has automatic turn signals, so you can always stay in place on the go.

While top speed isn’t as high as other high-performance models, cruising around town will make you feel agile as the dual front shocks and coil-over rear suspension provides a smooth ride. In addition, you can access detailed ride information or lock your scooter in the InMotion smartphone app when you’re done.



Best Buy Electric Scooter for Commuting: Segway Ninebot Kickscooter F40E

A great versatile option for any cyclist. This electric scooter is only for the best commuters because it’s versatile – it performs well in almost every category. While it doesn’t excel in any area, it doesn’t skimp on features either. It’s fast, easy to carry, and has a moderate range. The 10″ tires ensure a smooth ride, and you can climb hills with up to 20% gradients. Walking mode is also convenient for taking the scooter with you when you get on the train or go to the office.

Most electric scooters are built as an eco-friendly mode of transportation, but the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter takes it to an additional level. Hence one of our favorite features is the regenerative braking system, which charges the battery a little each time you brake.


Ideal for climbing steep hills

Simple folding mechanism

Regenerative braking system


While all specs are good, none of them are remarkable.


Best Buy Electric Scooter or E-Scooters are independent of petrol; electric scooters are the best alternative to gasoline. This will help you save significant money and invest your money in something more worthwhile.

Electric scooters are an integral part of the electric vehicle revolution. They have the potential to decarbonize transport at a very cellular level. However, since electric vehicles offer an ecological and economical alternative to commuting, their production also requires a dismantling process at the end of use.

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