Should you always keep your laptop connected to electricity if you don’t use it then? What’s better for the battery? It is a difficult question. And there are many contradictory recommendations on that.

Understanding how Li-ion and Lipo batteries work in modern laptops is essential, as many myths spread around these batteries.

When you leave the laptop connected to electricity. It doesn’t mean the battery will charge more than its capacity. There’s no way to increase the charge rate when it reaches 100%.

When the battery charge is complete. The charger will stop working. And laptops will take power directly from the electric cable until the battery is empty. The charger goes back to work and refills the battery. There is no risk to laptop batteries charging them more than they can.

There Are Several Reasons to Drain Laptop Batteries Over Time

There Are Several Reasons to Drain Laptop Batteries Over Time

Your device’s battery will certainly drain over time as more battery charging cycles increase, and the ages of these batteries vary with different types. Still, you can often expect laptop batteries to drain after about 500 charging cycles.

In other words, if you want to leave laptop batteries in a closet. It’s best to be 50% charged while making sure that the temperature of this cabinet is reasonably low.

If The Battery Is Removed For Jaw

the heat is harmful to laptop batteries, so if the laptop batteries are external (i.e. removable), it would be better to take the battery out when it decides to work on the charger for a long time. Ensuring that the battery will not be exposed to all that unnecessary heat.

It is one of the essential things about high-temperature laptops, such as games laptops that play games with high requirements. But if the computer is cooling well, you won’t see much use of the above.
With technology development, many laptops certainly no longer have external batteries, so this solution cannot be applied in these cases.

Should I leave the Laptop battery attached to the charger or not?

Should I leave the Laptop battery attached to the charger or not_

The answer to this question is still not clear, and it is not known what is worse, to let the battery fill up to 100% of its capacity or use it and recharge it frequently, which in both cases is harmful to the battery will reduce its life.

Whatever it does, laptop batteries will be drained, eroded over time, and concentrated incapacity. It is the work of batteries in general, so the real question is: what makes the battery lose capacity and die slower?

Trying to figure out the sure answer to this question. Apple advised not to leave MacBooks connected to the charger, but this advice later disappeared from the battery’s tips page. Some laptop manufacturers say that leaving the device attached to the charger all the time does not damage the storm. In contrast, the rest of the laptop manufacturers oppose this without apparent reason.

Apple has been advising to fill and unload the battery once a month. But it no longer recommends it. So if you want to leave your laptop attached to the charger all the time. It’s probably better and safer to put it in one charging cycle every month.

Occasional Charging and Unloading May Help Calibrate the Battery

Putting laptop batteries in a complete charging cycle helps calibrate the storm in many laptops, giving you an accurate estimate of the charging ratio inside the battery and how much it is consumed.

In other words, if the battery doesn’t calibrate well, the device system may think that the battery charge rate is 20% when in fact, the charging speed is 0%. And the device will suddenly turn off without the system giving you any warnings.

Allowing almost complete emptying of the laptop battery lets the circuit know how much power is left. It is unnecessary on all laptops. And Apple explicitly says that this is no longer necessary with modern MacBooks that come with built-in batteries.

Laptop batteries certainly don’t last forever. And their capacity and capacity will gradually decrease over time.

All you can do is hope your laptop battery will last until you switch your old device to a new one. Indeed, even if the battery capacity of laptops decreases. We are still able to use them by connecting them to the power outlet.

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