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Halving the Fun – How To Half Swipe On Snapchat

Halving the Fun - How To Half Swipe On Snapchat


This article shows all you need to know about how to half swipe on Snapchat; there may be times when you want to peek at a chat message instead of opening it fully. You may not want to fully open a message because, for some reason, you don’t want the app to tell the person who sent it that you’ve read it. If that is your case, you should know that there is a way to view your messages on Snapchat without notifying the sender that you have seen their message. It’s called “half Swipe.”

While half swiping is easy, it may take a few tries to master. Follow our steps below… and be patient.

How to Half Swipe on Snapchat 2021

According to the information on the website As mentioned in 2021, swiping half a finger on Snapchat is not complicated, but it may take a few tries before you get used to the process and complete it successfully. How to half swipe on Snapchat in 2021:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Select the chat icon to view your chat messages. Or you can swipe your screen from left to right to view your chat messages.

Step 3: Select an unread chat message to swipe halfway. Tap and hold the profile icon of the sender of the message you want to slide halfway. Swipe through the screen from left to right to view your message without opening it completely.

The message screen expands across your screen when you drag your finger, showing you your message. When you’re done, don’t let go of the message screen. Drag your finger back to its original position from right to left to close the message screen.

That’s all! If you have kept an eye on the instructions above, you have just swiped half a finger on Snapchat!

How to Half Swipe on Snapchat 2022

According to the information on the website Yes. As far as we know, and as of August 2022, you can still swipe a half-message on Snapchat. Techies Republic tested it on an Android device, and the half swipe still works.

However, the consensus on this Snapchat feature is that since the half-swipe ability doesn’t appear to be a purposefully created feature (it’s more of a random part), it stands to reason that Snapchat could get rid of it. One day. But for now, it’s still there when you need it.

How to Half Swipe on Snapchat New Update

Snapchat’s half-swipe feature lets users read friends’ chats without letting them know, but is it still working in 2022? Like most other social networking apps, Snapchat has a built-in chat feature that users can use to communicate with their friends. What sets Snapchat apart from other messengers is that chats disappear after being sent, either immediately or after 24 hours.

Despite its ephemeral nature, Snapchat’s chat feature is packed with options. Users can send messages, photos, videos, emojis, and stickers and even play mini-games with friends. There is also the ability to send personal stories using one of Snapchat’s many filters. Users can even make a voice or video call from the chat screen. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t offer the option to hide a read receipt in chat, but the half-swipe method provides a solution.

How to See if Someone Half Swipe on Snapchat

Snapchat places a notification in the chat that says, “You took a screenshot of the chat!” It would help if you avoided this notification for a successful half swipe by not taking screenshots of the message. Also, the half swipe feature doesn’t seem to work on snapshots, only chat messages.

Open Snapchat

Snapchat opens right in the camera: tap to take a photo or hold to watch a video. Express yourself with lenses, filters, Bitmoji and more! Try new Lenses created by the Snapchat community every day! Stay in touch with friends via live messaging or share your day with group stories

Tap to View Snapchat

Today marks a big change for Snapchat: you no longer have to press and hold the screen to view a snap or story; tap to view! That means no more sore thumbs watching a several-hundred-second story. And a bit of getting used to it for those who’ve been using Snapchat for a while.

Snapchat Text

You can start a new chat with a friend or return to an existing conversation.

To start a new chat.

If you’re already chatting with a friend, tap their name on the chat screen to jump back in 👆

You can also chat with groups, so no one is left out! And you can even make voice and video calls directly from a chat!

How to Open a Snap Without them Knowing

One way to open Snapchat without knowing it’s open is to turn on airplane mode. This will prevent the “seen” notification from being sent until you turn off Airplane mode.


On Snapchat, Swipe this chat from left to right as if you normally opened it. Hold your finger before it moves to the right, and then read the message. When you’re done reading, swipe to the left side of the screen, and the message will remain unopened.

How to swipe half swipe on Snapchat? After reading the above method, you should know how to half swipe on Snapchat. It would aid you to go disguised while viewing messages on Snapchat.

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