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Fastest Supercomputer – Introduction, Supercomputer and More


In the opinion of many of us. The supercomputer seems fast enough if it can play lego lord of the rings or when we watch a youtube video of a dog on a skateboard.

In the 1960s, when the computer was so big that it occupied an entire room, and the data was stored on perforated cards bearing the printed warning “don’t fold, damage or deform”, you couldn’t do much with those devices. So it was shocking to see the progress of computing power and capabilities during my life.

The first desktop computer I bought in 1988 was about ten times faster than the one used by Apollo 11 astronauts on their way to the moon in 1969. Today, the iPhone I carry in my pocket is more vital than both!

What Is The Fastest Supercomputer In The World?

In the opinion of many of us. The supercomputer seems fast enough if it can play lego lord of the rings or when we watch a YouTube video of a dog on a skateboard.

But in the opinion of scientists who need to work on very complex problems. Processing 158 billion calculations per second — those that any computer with an i7 processor might do — is not even close to being enough.

That’s why researchers were so excited about the new game at oak ridge national laboratory in Tennessee. The Titan supercomputer was designed by Kray;

When unveiled in October 2012, the titan was named the world’s fastest computer. Retained by its former rival IBM sequoia jane blue q at Lawrence Livermore national laboratory in California for only six months.

How Fast Is Titan’s Fastest Supercomputer?

In theory, with a top speed of 27 bitplanes, it may not seem impressive until you know it’s equivalent to 27,000 trillion calculations per second, hundreds of thousands faster than your best computer. Still, unlike your laptop, titan won’t fit your desktop, occupying an area equivalent to a basketball court.

Titan’s super pacing has made it an excellent tool for addressing very complex problems. Including vast amounts of data. Prompting researchers to plan its use in detailed simulations of the earth’s climate. Which may produce ideas on how to reduce global warming.

And may also be used to help design high-efficiency internal combustion engines and solar panels. As well as to operate biological simulations that will help speed up the testing of new drugs.

Titan may help scientists simulate breaking down the bonds that bind molecules together. Giving them new insights into one of nature’s most essential processes.

Titan’s importance is not only that it has super-speed but also because it is a pioneer in a new type of supercomputer design that could result in a generation of faster machines.

For years, scientists have easily reached higher speeds by making machines containing thousands of CPU units and dividing calculations into smaller parts, divided between those units. Still, the disadvantage of this approach is that these CPU segments require a tremendous amount of energy.


Titan pairs all 18,688 CPUs with the toll processing unit. A type of chip used in gaming fast computers. To speed up calculations, fee processing units do not consume as much energy as a CPU.

So the result is a machine more rapid than its predecessors and more efficient in exploiting power.
Titan is making its way to tackle computers 1,000 times faster than today’s most powerful supercomputers.

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