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Cyber Attacks Write For Us

Cyber Attacks Write For Us – We define cyber attacks as everything related to computer technology, the Internet, and what we use today for communication and relationships between people. For this reason, the prefix Ciber is used to designate people or attitudes that are developed in this environment, such as, for example, Cybernaut, Cybercafe, Cyberbullying, Cyberfriends, Cybernetics, etc.

What are Cyber Attacks?

A cyberattack is a criminal and malicious act performed to access private information, appropriate or disable it, and demand money for its release.

Behind these cyber-attacks are computer criminals, hackers, criminal organizations, etc., aiming to acquire information or extort money from the attacked company or person.

Any company that stores, manipulates, or transmits data is subject to a cyber-attack.

Spain receives more than 4,000 cyber-attacks daily, as recently published by La Vanguardia. We are the third country with the highest number of cyber-attacks, after the United States and the United Kingdom, according to El País.

The National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain, SA (INCIBE) expects to be able to handle more than 100,000 attacks this year.

The Most Common Cyber Attacks are:

The average cost of a cyber-attack to a company depends on the number of datasets affected, the nature of the more or less sensitive datasets, the size of the company or organization, the company’s line of business, the speed of response and the existence of a contingency plan and applicable legislation.

The sectors most affected so far are financial services, communications, media and technology, wholesale and retail trade, management services, accommodation and leisure, manufacturing, and professional services.

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