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Computer Network Write For Us

Computer Network Write For Us

Computer Network Write For Us- Computer Network, two or more computers are connected to communicate electronically. In addition to physically connecting computers and communication devices, a network system serves the essential function of establishing a cohesive architecture that allows various types of equipment to transfer information almost without a seam.

What is the Computer Network?

Computer networks refer to interconnected computing devices that can exchange data and share resources. These connected devices use a set of rules called communication protocols to transfer information over physical or wireless technologies.

How does a computer network work?

Nodes and links are the building blocks of computer networks. A network node can be a data communication equipment (DCE), such as a modem, hub, or switch, or a data terminal equipment (DTE), such as two or more computers and printers. A link refers to the transmission medium that connects two nodes. The links can be physical, such as cables or fibre optics, or free space used by wireless networks.

Contains the specifications of the network’s physical components, functional organization, protocols, and procedures. The computer network architecture defines the design of these physical and logical components. In a functioning computer network, nodes follow a set of rules or protocols that define how electronic data is sent and received over the links.

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