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Biometric Write For Us


Biometric Write For Us: Biometrics is emerging as an advanced layer for many personal and business security systems. This might seem foolproof with the unique identifiers of their biology and behavior. However, biometric identity has made many reluctant to use it as a standalone authentication.

Modern cybersecurity focuses on reducing the risks of this powerful security solution: Traditional passwords have long been a weak point for security systems. Biometrics attempts to solve this problem by linking proof of identity to our bodies and behavioral patterns.

Types of Biometric

Although they may have other uses, Biometrics has often been used in security, and you can mainly divide Biometrics into three groups:

  • Biological Biometric
  • Morphological Biometric
  • Behavioral Biometric

Biological Biometric

Biological Biometrics uses characteristics at the genetic and molecular levels. This can include features such as DNA or your blood, which can be tested through a sample of your body fluids.

Morphological Biometric

Morphological Biometrics refers to the structure of your body. In addition, other physical features such as your eye, fingerprint, or face shape can be mapped for use with security scanners.

Behavioral biometric

Behavioral Biometrics are based on patterns that are unique to each person. For example, how you walk, speak, or even type on a keyboard can be a clue to your identity if these patterns are tracked.

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