If you’re interested in developing smartphones, you must have heard of Filters software. What’s this software? How do companies use them to build smartphone applications?

The world of technology is evolving daily; new technologies appear, and others are disappearing in a high-speed format.

What are Filters?

What are Filters_

It is open-source software for developing smartphone applications on android and ios using standardized software. Google acquired the software in 2015 and was in its experimental stages before its official launch in 2018, and has since become increasingly popular among competent app developers.

Filters are one of the most popular software on GitHub, ranking 11 of the most popular application development software. Post thousands of apps developed using filters on innovative app stores. one of the most famous is an application developed by the Alibaba team called “Xiaoyu”, which carried the application 50 million times.

How does Filter Software Work?

ready-made moulds
the basic idea of this software is to use ready-made design templates, as application developers can use ready-made templates to build a fully built user interface for the application. Each template represents a construction element, such as buttons and menus. And aesthetic elements, such as fonts and colour coordination, a general application framework, etc.

Filters do not use templates from external developers but allow the developer to use templates developed by software makers, which are fully compatible with the android and ios environments. Software users can build their templates and use them to build applications.

This software uses interactive display technology for design screens, helping avoid application performance issues from integrated programming languages such as Java, using Dart software that pre-processes the programming language to be compatible with the various software environments in which the application is used.

With this technology, filters communicate easily with different software environments without the need for software bridges between Java and other languages and reduce the time needed to run the app at a time.

This software is the only one capable of displaying an interactive interface for the application without linking with java software. Prompting developers to experiment with this technology in their projects.

Filters Features

Use The Programming Language

In addition, Dart has a software processor called Tree Shaking, which integrates only the required algorithm into the application. If you need design templates, the software offers a vast library of templates available for free.

Dart has sub-software packages that enable the developer to expand basic software capabilities when needed. For example, the software allows access to store data and facilitates access to software environment services and means such as microphones and cameras.

Filters Save Time And Money

As software compatible with different platforms, developers can use the same algorithm to build android and ios applications, saving time and money during the development process.

Rapid Development

Filters allow you to review the application’s performance during the development process with a real-time preview of the intelligent device simulator and the devices themselves. The developer notes the changes he has made to the app’s interface instantly on your smartphone, smartphone simulator or tablet.

When you change the design or algorithm, the application is reloaded in seconds, and the compatibility of recent changes is assessed. During the development process, you don’t have to restart your device, emulator, or app to verify that changes are compatible with your device.

These features make building the design interface, adding features. And bug fixing is smoother, especially if the app encounters a software error and completing work on the app non-stop. If you have to reopen the app, it will open more quickly.


Another feature is the existence of compatible ready-made design templates, preventing future compatibility issues. Developers note fewer errors related to compatibility with different operating systems. Reducing application inspection time and building confidence in application compatibility with future versions of operating systems.

Since Google uses filters extensively to develop tools within the company. The team’s motivation is to keep design templates available and keep pace with the evolution of current application design. In addition, these ready-made templates are adjustable, and developers can update them.

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