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This is the perfect guide for knowing about Vise AIpowered 65m Series 1b Crooktechcrunch. Vise announced a $65 million Series C funding round. Ribbit Capital led it with participation from existing investors, including Sequoia. The startup confirmed to TechCrunch that this round has officially sent Vise into unicorn territory, with a post-money valuation of $1 billion.

The startup launched on the Disrupt Startup Battlefield stage in 2019 and has since raised over $125 million.

Vise uses an AI-enabled platform to provide independent financial advisors with the same level of data as advisors with their analyst departments.

What is Vise AIpowered?

What is Vise AIpowered_

Vise is an AIpowered investment management platform built for advisors. The platform provides financial advisors with the tools and technology to create customized portfolios, fully automate the investment management process, and provide insight into every investment decision.

Founder of Vise AIpowered Techrunch

Founder of Vise AIpowered Techrunch

The founders of Vise AI met when they were 13 years old, a couple of teenagers more interested in applied artificial intelligence than in teaching English. A few years later, the two moved to San Francisco from the Midwest to raise money for a fintech company that they’ve been self-funding since 2016, as per the source of the website

As teenagers with an inordinate amount of AI knowledge, Samir Vasavada and Runik Mehrotra proved very useful to large corporations, investment bankers, and other financiers. Leveraging their AI knowledge, a consulting firm paid them $700 an hour to teach “financial experts” about AI.

Mehrotra is a math prodigy, according to Vasavada: “And that translates very well to AI, right, because what underlies AI is math,” Vasavada, co-founder and CEO of Vise AI, tells TechCrunch. “We could articulate to investment bankers what AI is in a way they could understand. However, most experts’ explanations would be very complex and technical.

The school was now on autopilot. “I got phone calls in English class,” Vasavada said. “It wasn’t perfect, but we made money.” Eventually, that money went to the first achievements of an honest company, Vise AI, which uses AI and machine learning to automate portfolio management.

Unveiled today onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, the SEC-registered investment adviser will begin client onboarding next week. In short, the platform analyzes clients’ investment needs and builds them a customized portfolio of stocks, bonds and other assets, then provides investment management tools to automate management.

Vise AIpowered 65m Series to 1b

Vise AIpowered 65m Series to 1b

As co-founder and CEO Samir Vasavada have said, the goal is to give independent financial advisers the time and energy to nurture relationships with their clients rather than do the hard math of building portfolios. Vise works a lot on the latter, allowing consultants to focus on the former.

Vise’s premise is to use technology to empower people “rather than replace them” by automating an ancient industry. The ultimate goal is to “enable financial freedom for all.”

“We need to build a platform that automatically manages hundreds of millions, billions of dollars in assets,” Vasavada said. “There’s a lot of technical infrastructure that can be built and systems around trading and trading for us to attack this industry.”

Since the company’s Series B upgrade, assets under management have quadrupled from $65 million to $1 billion, and customer accounts have more than doubled, Vise says.

Vise AIpowered 65m Series 1b Crooktechcrunch

Vise AIpowered 65m Series 1b Crooktechcrunch

Vise AIpowered 65m Series 1b Crooktechcrunch has scaled its technology, team, and clientele in recent years, but that has changed gears with the appointment of Andrew Fong as CTO. Fong comes from Dropbox, where he served as vice president of infrastructure engineering. He started at Dropbox in 2012 as a Site Reliability Engineer and rose to Director of Engineering and then Senior Director of Engineering with a focus on infrastructure before becoming Vice President.

Fong’s main goal is to expand the engineering department, something that remains a goal for the company. Vasavada explained that expanding a product and a company has to do with the foundations.

The company’s round fits into the broadly bullish fintech investment market that TechCrunch monitors worldwide.


Vise targets a trillion-dollar market in one of the world’s most valuable industries. To be successful in the long term, the startup must infiltrate a decades-old network built on legacy technology.

To challenge the Silicon Valley narrative that robo-advisors will soon render the financial advisory space obsolete. Companies like Betterment and Wealthfront claim they have success with tech-savvy millennials, but once you amass “real wealth,” it’s a conversation you’re after, not a user-friendly app.