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Popshop Live raises around $20 million at a $100 million valuation for its hipster live shopping platform

Popshop lives in a mobile live-streaming marketplace where talented individuals can create and host their pop-up shopping channel and sell directly to a worldwide audience. Viewers can interact and shop with media in real-time during shows, and access stores for their favourite tracks and past shows anytime.

This unique platform is designed to showcase individuality, closely connecting exceptional sellers and their amazing products/services with essential buyers who love to learn, explore and collect. Popshop Live allows users to discover/search for products by people. Typically, issuers are the brand’s creators, creators, founders, or advocates.

Everybody is a brand; everybody is a creator, and everybody has a story to tell and something to sell. Every person has an audience.

Popshop 100M 20M Lunden

Popshop 100M 20M Lunden

Legacy TV services like HSN & QVC may have put live shopping shows on the chart for consumers, but live commerce has been given a new lease of life amid the Covid-19, as retailers and e-commerce giants mount a perfect storm of the video entertainment craze. This is because of a trend (or even municipal regulations in some cases) for people to stay away from physical provisions and a surge in e-commerce activity to bring more online shopping “shows.”

Now, a startup app called Popshop Live, which has given this concept a new spin, is announcing some funding today. as it resonates with sellers, buyers, and the media world in general.

This startup will be used to expand Popshop Live’s team and product offerings and launch new partnerships with brands and influencers. The company plans to use the budget to:

  • Expand its team to support the growth of its live shopping platform
  • Develop new product features and tools to help brands and influencers host more engaging live shopping events
  • Launch new partnerships with brands and influencers to bring more live shopping events to its platform

Popshop Live is one of several companies trying to capitalize on the growing trend of live shopping. Live shopping is a type of e-commerce that allows customers to interact with brands and influencers in real time. It is often used to sell products complex to visualize online, such as fashion and beauty items.

Live shopping has been gaining popularity in recent years as extra consumers are looking for ways to shop online that are more interactive and engaging. The COVID-19 pandemic also enhanced the growth of live shopping, as many people could not shop in physical stores.

Popshop 100M 20MLundentechcrunch

Popshop 100M 20M Lundentechcrunch

Popshop Live is a streaming shopping program. That means shops/artists can go live, and you can get involved. My show usually lasts a few hours; attendees can view, comment, and buy things in the store. I have new releases, sales, LE releases, games, awards, and guests coming to hang out. Each show will be a little different, so you can check out my “promotional roll” above and see what happens next or keep an eye on my Instagram stories.

As per the information from the website “”. Anyone can view Popshop, but only people who ship to the United States can shop at the store. If you are an international buyer, you must use a friend’s US address or buy directly from my website. Shipping is a flat rate of $5.99 for up to 5 lbs. All your orders will be combined into one order at the end of the show with a flat rate shipping cost.

When was Popshop Live Founded?

When was Popshop Live Founded_

Popshop Live was founded in the year 2016 by Danielle Li. The company is head office in West Hollywood, California. Popshop reinvents the mobile e-commerce experience by bringing immersive and fun real-time boutique shopping to your phone.

Danielle Li, the founder has been working on the Popshop Live app since 2016. As per the information from the website ““. “It took an extensive time to get the product right and understand how to nurture a live community,” said Li. The company has 15 employees and has raised $4.5 million in funding since its inception.

Popshop has increased the number of sellers by more than 500% in the last three months as it expands into new verticals like vintage fashion, furniture, collectables, and groceries from sellers like 3D Retro, JapanLA, and Earthing.VIP, Kettle & Fire, and Mall of America are expanding.

The Key Features of Popshop Live

  • Live shopping events: Brands can host live events with influencers and celebrities. These events let customers interact with the brands and influencers in real-time and ask questions about the products.
  • Interactive product pages: Popshop Live’s product pages are interactive, allowing customers to zoom in on products and see them from different angles. Customers can also read reviews and ratings from other customers before purchasing.
  • Social sharing: Customers can share Popshop Live events and products on social media, which helps to reach a wider audience.

Popshop Live is a promising platform that has the possibility to transform the way people shop online. The company’s live shopping events are more engaging and interactive than traditional e-commerce, offering several benefits for both brands and customers.

Popshop Live 100M 20MLundentechcrunch

Popshop Live 100M 20M Lundentechcrunch

The Popshop Live has an innovative new feature that integrates live shows with NFT wallets to host token-driven shows for holders who can’t attend in-person events. Our team recently partnered with the Ron English & Light Cult Crypto Club NFT project during their three-day festival in Beacon, NY. Hundreds of owners from across the country came together to collaborate, shop, and make art at this new breed of all-inclusive event

Popshop Live Series 100m 20mLundentechcrunch

Popshop Live Series 100m 20m Lundentechcrunch

“Popshop Live has been a valuable alternative shopping platform as traditional in-person retail has been shut down during the pandemic,” added Jill Renslow, Mall of America’s executive vice president of business development and marketing. “As the world stays to open up and we welcome shoppers back to Mall of America, we plan to continue live shopping to uniquely reach new customers.”

Popshop said the funds will be used in part to triple its current team of 30. And that starts with some exciting new hires. Jason Droege, founder and director of Uber Eats, to lead the growth strategy; and Bangaly Kaba, who previously served as VP of Product at Instacart and Head of Growth at Instagram, will grow Popshop’s product.

The startup has secured a Series A of around $20 million (the startup doesn’t disclose the exact amount, but a source close to the deal confirmed that number) with a valuation of about $100 million.

The round is chaired by Benchmark, which also includes TQ Ventures (the company owned by Andrew Marks, Schuster Tanger, and Scooter Braun), Mantis VC (The Chainsmokers VC vehicle), Access Industries & SV Angel, as well as previous contributors. In addition, Floodgate, Abstract Ventures & Long Journey Ventures were in the seed round for Popshop in July 2020. Individual investors in the latter Series A contain Sophia Amoruso, Jim Lanzone, Kevin Mayer, Vivi Nevo, Michael Ovitz, Hailey Bieber, Baron Davis, and Kendall Jenner. So yes… it looks like Popshop showed up with the high-profile set, at least.

But wait, there’s more! …as late-night shopping infomercials like to say. The funding follows the company, boasting impressive numbers thanks to its live-streaming format. Sellers on Popshop Live see gross merchandise value of $500,000+. And also 80% of customers return to buy more within 30 days.

Popshop New Series 100m 20mLundentechcrunch

There are few new products that seem like magic the first time you use them,” Droege said in a statement. “Popshop is a whole new approach to content and retail, and I look forward to expanding it to new sellers and categories.”

“Bangaly and Jason are forced to be reckoned with. And also we’re excited to welcome them to our team,” Li added. “Their combined expertise, along with that of our new sponsors. Will accelerate the expansion of our platform across geographies, industries, and product features.” I look forward to speaking with Li later and updating this with more of her.


Popshop Live is a company developing a live-streaming mobile application to host shopping channels. Their app helps discover and search products by person, chat and also stream with fans. And manage payment and shipping details so brands and small businesses can create an interactive and engaging shopping experience.