In this article, you will learn why YouTube blocked this video Are you tired of your favorite videos being banned on YouTube? Well, you are not alone. Recently, the video titled was banned, causing an uproar among his followers. The question on everyone’s lips is: Is censorship the reason for this unfortunate fact? In this blog post, we’ll examine why some videos are censored and also on free speech online. So buckle up, and let’s dive in!

When Ibtissam Mundo started her YouTube channel, she didn’t expect much from it. Ibtissam mundu’s diary channel. A track that includes everything related to the daily life of any family. Respectful routine, recipes for cooking, cosmetic recipes, manual labor, and outings and vlogs. She twitted that this channel is your channel, so support it to continue the services it provides to you.

And you have health, wellness, and success in life. She had been living in Morocco. But she was a professional. Now she can look back and think, “That was a pretty good decision.” YouTube has completely changed her life, and she started sharing videos on her YouTube channel.

Unsurprisingly, social media marketing plays a crucial role in drawing attention to restaurants and menus, but what can you do to market yourself as a YouTuber? Show your talent and exercise creativity by starting your food channel on YouTube. We’ll walk you through creating content for a YouTube food channel that will have viewers flocking to your page to follow.

Ibtissam Mundo YouTube Video Blocked

There are a few reasons why Ibtissam Mundo’s YouTube video might have been blocked. One possibility is that the video violated YouTube’s terms of service. This could include videos that contain hate speech, violence, or child sexual abuse content. Another possibility is that the video was blocked due to a copyright claim. This happens when someone owns the copyright to the content in the video and files a claim with YouTube. YouTube will then block the footage until the copyright holder and the YouTuber agree.

Some of the reasons why a YouTube video might be blocked:

  • Copyright infringement: If a video contains copyrighted material, such as music or video footage, without the authorization of the copyright owner, it may be blocked.
  • Hate speech: It may be blocked if a video contains hate speech, such as threats or slurs against a protected class of people.
  • Violence: If a video contains violence, such as graphic footage of a fight or murder, it may be blocked.
  • Child sexual abuse content: If a video contains child sexual abuse content, it will be blocked immediately.
  • Misleading content: If a video is misleading, such as a video that claims to be a news report but is fake, it may be blocked.
  • Spam: It may be blocked if a video is spam, such as a video designed to promote a product or service without providing any real value.

You can appeal the block if you believe your YouTube video has been blocked in error. For this, you must go to the YouTube Help Center and fill out an appeal form. You need to deliver information about the video that was blocked and why you believe it was blocked in error. YouTube will then review your appeal and also decide whether to reinstate the video.

Ibtissam Mundo YouTube Channel Name

Ibtissam Mundo’s YouTube Channel Name is @ibtissammundo, and she Joined YouTube on June 29th, 2014, from Morocco. And she has 6.5K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Please look at this video, where you can find what she shares on her YouTube channel.

Ibtissam Mundo YouTube Channel

Ibtissam Mundo’s YouTube channel statistics and also analytics were updated on June 29th, 2014. She has 6.5K followers on her YouTube channel, average views of 3.4K, and a NOx Score of 1.07, estimated cost is $135.5, and her YouTube channel engagement rate is 3.89%

Channel Quality: NOx Score Component

  • Follower’s Growth: Fair
  • Creation and Publish: Poor
  • Channel Quality: Average
  • Engagement Rate: Fair
  • Audience Credibility: Fair

Cost and CPM

  • CPM: $ 11, CPM by influencer region $8 – $15, CPM – Price per 1000 views
  • Integration: $ 110 – $ 180, Est. sponsorship price. The price is based on estimates: CPM by region, engagement rate, account quality, audience age, etc.
  • Ad Revenue: $ 25 – $ 45, Est. YouTube Ad Revenue / Mo. According to the monetization data of YouTube influencers, estimate the realization and also revenue capacity of influencers


  • Followers: 6500
  • Views: 521,156
  • Videos: 239

Ibtissam Mundo YouTube Age

When she started her YouTube channel on June 29th, 2014, from Morocco. As per that, her YouTube channel age is eight years and nine months. She shows her talent and exercises her creativity by starting her food channel on YouTube.

What is, and also Why was it Blocked?

Late this year, the video-sharing site YouTube announced that it was incapacitating access to due to “repeated violations of our policy on intense or graphic or graphic content.” The video was initially reported for violating YouTube’s policy on videos that endorse violence or hate speech.

The reason why the video was blocked is still unknown, but some have gambled that it could have somewhat to do with its content. The footage was disapproving for its violent and pejorative language and has been linked to real-life incidents of violence. Some people argue that the content of the video could be inflammatory and lead to violence among viewers.

Despite being blocked by YouTube, the video remains available on other streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook. Therefore, given the sensitive nature of your content, these platforms will also disable access shortly.

Why are People Started Searching for

YouTube has a lot of videos, and some are exceptional. These types of videos contain a lot of information and also knowledge. That is why people will search for these videos. But according to some sources, this video is fascinating. There are a lot of advantages to seeing it. Some say that this video has to do with useless fixtures and waste content. This video gives more clarity about life and its growing knowledge.

Conclusion – Ibtissam Mundo, a YouTuber who started sharing food-related videos on her YouTube channel. Where her audience began to like her videos and also give comments on her videos. As per our knowledge, we share the complete information about – Ibtissam Mundo, a YouTuber. If you like this article, please comment below.