Games: Multiplayer games are more than just entertainment; they’re communication platforms where you can meet loyal allies — trolls or bullies. Anyone can be bullied within the game, so players and parents alike are worried about this problem.

It can happen to anyone. For example, a new player may be subjected to insults and threats because he is still getting used to the game or because people on the other side of the chat enjoy mocking others.

The consequences of bullying also vary, from disturbing the evening to depression. If your teammates or competitors show mischievous behavior, here’s what you can do.

Stay Calm: Especially on Games Screen

Stay Calm_ Especially on Games Screen

Remember that anything a bully writes for you is just words on the screen. Remember that anyone involved in the fight can be banned for insults, no matter who starts fighting.

Don’t panic if you are threatened with reporting a match loss. As long as you don’t violate any game rules, no one will ban you. Games with winners and losers. It must have winners and losers. Take inspiration, exhale, and remember that the rules are the same for everyone.

Don’t involve yourself if the troll’s words are profound, and your negative thoughts resonate in your mind even after the game.

Discuss conflict with people you trust, such as friends or family. It will allow you to remove what weighs on your chest, look at the situation from a different perspective, and feel supported. Emotional support is significant for anyone who feels psychologically unstable.

Don’t Be Ashamed To Complain

You don’t have to do what he did to you; you can report the violator. Almost all online games provide mechanisms to complain to users who misbehave towards others. For example, Steam game brokers urge users to report violations committed by community members. It also imposes an escalating ban on insults and aggression.

No trolls will be prevented from playing, but a social ban is available, according to the black mirror:
Steam may deter players from posting in forums and the community center.

Even if the bully is not immediately banned, your complaint will spoil his work, whether in Steam or in a particular game.

Then, if someone else complains about them, the bully will look at them privately. For example, Xbox has a reputation system for players. If someone receives ongoing complaints, they may not be banned, but their playing circles will be restricted – and they will have to play with other trolls.

Ban Aggressive Players Or Filter Their Chat Messages

Most gaming platforms have tools that go beyond reporting to combat abuse. You can set up an automatic chat filter to spare yourself this most hurtful thing. If you’re harassed on a voice channel, mute your aggressive colleague. If you are harassed during and outside the game, you should add the violator to your block list to prevent them from contacting you.

Stop Playing Games With Bullies

Stop Playing Games With Bullies

Team games don’t encourage you to run away during a game, but if your teammates insult or threaten you, you have to fight and protect yourself if you have a hard time. Of course, you can deposit your rating and earnings if you leave, but your mental health and mood deserve more.

Keep Your Personal Information Private in Games

If all violators know only about you by username, they won’t be able to harm you in real life. However, bad players don’t always start acting that way.

Someone on the other side of the screen may seem nice; they may show friendly interest in you by asking for your real name, photo, or social media page links, but this information may also help them find you and harass you on other platforms or even if you’re offline.

Before you think about giving anyone information about you, make sure you trust them. If a stranger wants to know your address or ask for photos in the first minutes of the game, inform the supervisors;

You don’t need to share your phone number, emails address, or social media accounts with your team colleagues. You can use internal chat to communicate during the game.

Don’t share much in your in-game profile. Remember that bullies can study it to learn more about you. Keep your real name, nationality, country of residence and age to yourself.

Any personal information you publish anywhere can be used against you. We recommend using our privacy check tool to explore the basic privacy settings of popular services.

What To Do If You’re Bullied?

If you face insults and threats in the game, don’t argue with bullies or stoop to their level. Instead:

Filter chat messages, mute abusive team members, and block alleged trolls so they can’t text you and focus on the game. Get out of the game if your patience runs out; Send a complaint to seek support and keep it with evidence.

Use secure connections and do not share personal information with other players, even if they seem friendly, mainly if they act aggressively.

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