Aspen X2 Everett – Aspen is a secure web-based student information system our school district uses to manage all facets of student data, including attendance, behavior, homework grades, period grades, schedules, and more.

Students can log in to Aspen to track grades and assignments. Parents can log in to Aspen to view similar programs. Information through the Family Portal will allow access to information for multiple students in one family simultaneously. Aspen protects our students’ data with the same advanced technology your bank uses to defend your financial accounts. Rest assured, Aspen users only have access to the information they need and nothing further. We have carefully configured the system to ensure that your child’s information is confidential and that Only you, the parent/guardian, and authorized school personnel may retrieve it.

What Type Of Information Is Available To Me In The Parent Portal?

What Type Of Information Is Available To Me In The Parent Portal?

Tabs organize the family portal. The following table provides an overview of what is available in the parent portal tabs and side tabs.

Do I Have An Account?

If you are a primary contact living with the student, an account has remained set up for you, and we welcome you. The letter stayed sent home. If you are a parent with joint custody, a report has also been created for you, but you will need to contact the main office at your child’s school to arrange for a letter to be sent with your login credentials. This letter explains more about the parent portal and includes access instructions. You will use the parent portal and the username and password to gain access. If you did not receive a welcome letter or have misplaced it, fill it out and contact the main office of your child’s school, and a new one will be sent home to his son.

Can My Spouse And I Each Have Our Account?

No; Parents in the same household are expected to share a Family Portal account.

I have more than one child in middle or high school. Does that mean I need two or more accounts?

No. You, as a parent/guardian, can use a secure login to access information for all of your

School and high school children, you don’t see every child in your household when you login; submit a support request form.

I Have Not Received A Username Or Password. How Do I Request One?

I Have Not Received A Username Or Password. How Do I Request One?

A welcome home letter was sent and explained more about the parent portal, including:

Instructions on accessing the parent portal and the login ID and password you determine to gain access. You did not receive a welcome letter, or you misplaced it; please contact the main office or guidance office at your child’s school.

How Do I Log In To The Parent Portal?

You can log in to the Aspen Family Portal from any processor that connects to the Internet via the Internet. Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. (Please note: you will need to turn off all pop-up blockers or configure your browser to allow pop-ups from the following site:

These Are The Steps To Log In:

  1. Open your web browser to connect to the Internet.
  2. Enter the following URL (
  3. Enter your login ID and password in the boxes provided.
  4. Click the “Login” button

You will remain asked to answer an automatic password security question the first time you log in.

Recovery. Follow the steps that seem on the screen.

Your family account contains essential and confidential information about your child. Your child’s data security needs to protect their login information as you would any other personal information


What Should I Do If I Forget My Password?

If you forget your password, click the blue “Forgot my password” connection on the login page. Your account will remain reset, and a new one will appear. The password will remain sent to the registered email for your account. For safety reasons, the district does not directly send account credentials via email.


A password reset dialog box will appear. (see image below) Login your login ID and primary email address in the boxes provided, then click Continue. The reset Password dialog expands to include the security query you chose when setting up password recovery. (view the image below.) Enter your answer to the security question in the box provided, then click Submit. If the security response you enter is correct, Aspen will email you to the account’s primary email address. The email contains your password.