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Ajax September 10 1980 – Who was the Culprit of Ajax’s Murder?

Ajax September 10 1980 – Who was the Culprit of Ajax's Murder_


Are you wondering why everyone is looking for Rip Ajax September 10 1980? This article provides more details about the Incident.

Want to learn more about the United States and Canada tragedy? Please take some time to read the following paragraphs.

School is the most important phase of our life. We also feel safest and most comfortable in school. But what if they took you to the places where the disaster happened?

We will remove the September 10, 1980, Rip Ajax information from this composition. A similar case is also highlighted.

Who Was Ajax?

Adrian Precia (also known as Ajax) was a high school student from Spingarn. Ajax and his friends were reportedly wandering around the concert hall with his companions when one of them started negotiating a gun with him. Ajax was killed instantly by his partner after shooting him with a gun. According to the information on the website

According to the threads, he was 16 at his death. That being said, an inquest found it to be an accidental death following the tragedy.

On the Ajax incident of September 10, 1980

Ajax lived on Tree-Lines Street north of the National Arboretum in northeast Washington. It was a normal school day, September 10, 1980. Ajax was enjoying the company of one of his friends, Tanya Brown, in the Spingarn High School auditorium. One of his other friends entered the auditorium and pointed a small calibre pistol at Ajax.

Ajax’s friend Tanya Brown said Ajax was scared and screamed not to be shot. But Michael Joseph Pratt didn’t listen to Ajax and pointed the gun at him. Michael did not intend to assassinate Ajax in 1980 but fired a bullet at Ajax.

Unfortunately, the gun in Michael’s hand went off and hit Ajax. Ajax was killed instantly. The school administration was informed immediately. The school management immediately called the police. Despite the immediate measures taken by the school administration, it took some time to put Michael behind bars.

After the Incident, another 17-year-old was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon without a license. Michael was only 18 years old when this Incident happened. He turned 58 in 2022 and lost his career because of the Incident. According to the report on the website

Who was the Culprit of Ajax’s Murder?

It was first reported that Ajax’s death was a tragic accident and nothing more than that; however, Michael Joseph Pratt was later determined to be the culprit behind Ajax’s death. At the time of Ajax’s death on September 10, 1980, he was only 16 years old. On the contrary, Michael was only 18 years old. He wasn’t even fully grown yet. Shooting Ajax was reportedly an impulsive decision, as Michael originally had no plans to kill him. Even the school authorities could not solve the mystery of the dispute between Ajax and Michael.

Everyone at school was mourning Ajax’s loss, and the Incident recently became public on the Internet. Ajax was only 16 years old and still had a lot to accomplish in his life, but his unfortunate death left his loved ones in shock, and they still love him and haven’t become over the fact that Ajax left them so early.

Spingarn Secondary School is currently fully closed by government agencies, and the government has no plans to reopen the school. Still, that’s all you need to know about the Ajax murder mystery. The school said the weapon was quite difficult to identify as a real weapon because the size of the gun Michael used was small.

Why were the Secondary Schools in Spingarn Closed?

As mentioned above, Spingarn High School was one of the most prestigious schools at the time, but after the death of one of the most talented boys in their school, the school’s reputation completely declined. As a result, student admissions and existing students temporarily dropped out due to this horrible Incident.

Latest Connected Incident

On February 15, 2022, news such as the Ajax shooting case took the Internet by storm. According to this news, a 14-year-old boy, Jahiem Robinson, an inspector in the twelfth grade, was killed by his 18-year-old classmate.

The disaster struck at Scarborough Option School and left students tense. In any case, the thief’s name has not yet been revealed on the Internet. Consequently, people are looking into the Ajax shooting case as the relative circumstances are emerging now.


Since 1967, nearly 323,000 children have been affected by 346 school shootings. Many children were killed, injured, and faced with the never-ending dilemma of witnessing violence or hiding behind closed doors during these incidents.

Unfortunately, the number of victims of gun violence increases every year, no matter what initiative the United States government takes. In this blog, we have tried to provide our readers with the details of the Rip Ajax reading incident of September 10, 1980.

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